Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

How exciting to open my new 2016 Teapot Calendar and see blue transferware - my favorite! 

The right margin of the calendar reads: "The invention of transfer printing in the mid-1700's ushered in an era of sophisticated design on ceramics.   In this process, a variant of which is still in use today, ink is transferred from an engraved copper plate to damp tissue paper, which is then applied to a fired ceramic form.  The piece is fired again at a low temperature to fix the inked design, then glazed and fired a third time at a higher temperature.  Because the resulting design is actually under the glaze, it's more durable than decoration painted on top.  It was so easy that views of the English countryside, as well as exotic images from the outskirts of the British Empire, began appearing on all sorts of tableware from plates to teapots..."  

*  *  *

Tiffany and John [our granddaughter and her husband] gave us a gift card to P.F. Chang's for Christmas, so we decided to use it for lunch today.

It's 27 degrees and flurrying in southeastern Michigan today.  Mother Nature is finally sending the winter weather that we escaped in December.

~ Jerry and I ordered Chang's for Two.  Thanks, Tiff and John! ~  

My tea was White Tangerine, and was especially good on a cold, wintry day.

~ Jerry got Wonton Soup and I got Egg Drop ~

Lettuce Wraps - We were well into it when I discovered I hadn't photographed it.

~ We both ordered Sesame Chicken with Brown Rice.  Yum!  ~

~ Dessert was Raspberry/Chocolate Wontons ~

And, of course, a Fortune Cookie accompanied the meal.  My fortune was, "Your respect for others will be your ticket to success."

Because my camera goes to restaurants with me [as you can see], I found this cartoon especially fitting!   I always tell Jerry photos must accompany my posts. ;-)

*  *  *

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!


  1. So pretty!!

    Hope your new year is filled with all kinds of wonderful sips! : - )

  2. Happy New Year! May your year be overflowing with blessings!

  3. So nice! Happy New Year! May you have more blessing and be a blessing to others :)

  4. Well tea calendar hasn't arrived...just realized it! Got to track that down! Your visit to PF Changs looks delicious! Wish there were one close here. Happy New Year!

  5. The meal looks wonderful. Happy New Year!


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