Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tea With Downton Abbey, Episode 3

I've been staying with my granddaughter the past two nights, so I took some treats for a mini-tea party and my daughter joined me there. The mini-Bundt cakes were in my freezer just waiting for an occasion.

In my opinion, episode 3 was one of THE BEST in the entire Downton Abbey series.

At long last it looks like Lady Edith might have a chance for happiness.

~ There were oodles of tea scenes. ~

Look at that big brass teapot/kettle sitting on the table! 

~ Anna is happily 'with child', but hasn't told Mr. Bates yet. ~

The Wedding Day of Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes finally arrived.  Thankfully, Mrs. Hughes got her wish to have the reception at the school house thanks to Mrs. Patmore and Lady Cora's intervention!

And the frosting on the wedding cake was when Tom Branson unexpectedly appeared with little Sibby saying he was back at Downton to stay!  

What an action packed episode!  I can hardly wait until next week!


  1. Loved the episode! Beautiful wedding!

  2. Dear Phyllis:
    I too loved it and turned to my husband at the end and I said "that can't really be all?" It was really like you said when Tom came in and said he was back for good - such a happy moment and also when Mr. and Mrs. Carson were married! Yes!

  3. Huzzah and Hurrah! I couldn't agree with you more.

    I was so proud of Lady Edith FINALLY giving that editor the boot, he had to go, he was so disrespectful!

    I missed Tom so much - he is so handsome - and look at that big smile of his! I am so happy for everyone, but oh my word, I sure hope Tom and Mary don't become a couple. She has been so mean for 6 years now, doesn't seem right, does it? But it sure seems like that's where this thing is headed.

    Loved your mini cakes tea party, you are always so festive and fun! ♥

  4. Fun episode with the usual twists and turns! I made GF blueberry scones but they all disappeared before the show began.

  5. I so agree! I loved the wedding, and my heart overflowed when Tommy and Sibby arrived!


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