Friday, January 22, 2016

Newest Tea-themed Garment

There is nothing more exciting for a tea lover than finding a garment depicting tea.  I recently acquired a new brown knit top [thanks to a tea loving friend] which was sold on QVC before Christmas by Quacker Factory.  

How I wish clothing designers would make more tea-themed garments.  In times past I've blogged about my tea time jewelry collection, teapot purses, tea themed sleepwear, and tea jackets, but I've never blogged about the tea-themed clothing in my wardrobe [which is minimal]. Hopefully it will spur other tea blogging friends to share their tea-themed garments.

Cracker Barrel, Dress Barn and Christopher Banks sold the three comfortable, loose-fitting, tea-themed tops below.  The middle one was a gift from a tea friend in Kentucky.

~ A Michael Simon cardigan top. ~

Navy teacup pullover sweater purchased at a Talbots store in Pennsylvania en route to Winterthur Museum in Wilmington, Delaware [to see the Downton Abbey Costume Exhibit].

The blouse and coordinating sweater vest was purchased at a Tanger Outlet store several years ago.

And that's it!  My small tea-themed wardrobe!  ;-)  


  1. They are all very pretty and I know you enjoy wearing each one.

  2. Yes, I wish more companies would make tea-themed clothing. I have the sweater from Talbot's too and one time I got some cute pj's from Walmart. I found a company online that prints t-shirts for you and they had some cute tea designs.

  3. Wow! That is some tea themed wardrobe. Nice!

  4. I have that same Michael Simon top and wore it to church this morning over a black skirt. I always, always get comments on it!

  5. What a collection! I was thinking of you in London!


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