Thursday, January 28, 2016

Shopping at Great Lakes Crossing

Continuing with my Great Lakes Crossing shopping adventure on Tuesday afternoon, after I left Teavana, I went to TJ Maxx.  I seldom look at clothing there, but I love to check out their home goods department, which almost always has something tea related.

On the clearance rack I spotted a pedestal teacup and saucer which I've never seen before. In addition to High Tea, the box also says High Class Cuppa.  It was only $6 [marked down from $7.99], and since it was such a novelty I bought one.  Have you seen these teacups before?  I think they'd be more suited for dessert rather than tea, or maybe as a candle holder. What do you think? Would you use them on your tea table?  However they're used they'd definitely evoke conversation.

The next stop was Talbots where I almost did a happy dance in the store!   If you recall, my post last Friday, Jan. 22nd, featured my small collection of tea-themed clothing, and I commented that I wished more clothing designers and manufacturers would design tea-themed clothing. 

Talbots manager told me a shipment of tea-themed scarves and matching socks had just come in about a week earlier.  Eagerly, she took me to the racks where they were hanging.

You know I couldn't walk out without purchasing one of each!  And with her help we put together a complete casual outfit that included jeans, knit top, and a light-weight, quilted vest. Yay, Talbots!  All the items are a part of their new spring line.

After Talbots I decided I had done enough damage to my wallet for one afternoon, and was heading to the mall exit, when I passed a Nine West shoe store.  The question flashed through my mind, "What shoes am I going to wear with this outfit?"  On impulse I darted into the store not really expecting to find anything, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? When what to my wondering eyes should appear but a pair of casual shoes in the same color as the knit top and teacups on the scarf!  It was meant to be! ;-)

They're a little outside the box from what I'd normally wear, but they'll be fine with jeans.   So... if you have a Talbots near you, and tea-themed garments are your thing, pop over while they're still in stock, and tell them Phyllis sent you! ;-)   


  1. Love your new outfit! Of course, the scarf is the star - and I'll be looking for one of those, too. I agree that the pedestal teacup would be fun to hold a dessert. Great shopping trip!

  2. If I had tea or a candle in that teacup, clumsy me would probably knock it over! Love that scarf and socks. Talbot's comes through again!

  3. Great shopping finds! Love the scarf, socks, and completely coordinated outfit from head to toe!


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