Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Visiting Lakeside, Ohio

Last Friday morning four friends and I drove to Ohio for a two-night stay at Lakeside Chautauqua, located about 51 miles east of Toledo on the shores of Lake Erie. The one-square mile historic, private community was formed in 1873 by members of the Methodist Church, and remains a church-affiliated vacation resort [inclusive of all faiths] today. Chautauqua means a retreat or resort blending the summer season with religious observation, education, recreation, and cultural enrichment. It's open from the end of May through Labor Day.

The beautiful, quaint, gated-community is one of Ohio's hidden jewels! Though not an island, it reminded me of Michigan's Mackinac Island, or Martha's Vineyard.

~ It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places ~

Our purpose for going was to attend the 55th annual antique show.  [Tomorrow's post will be about my acquisitions.]

~ Below is the cottage where we stayed ~

~ Loved the swing in front of the cottage ~

~ On the corner of Fourth and Maple ~

There's a tea room at Chautauqua [Tea by the Sea], and we had reservations for 1:00 o'clock. 

[Bottom Row: Barb and Me.  Top Row:  Louise, Linda, Sandy]

~ The beautiful gladiolas are from the flower show held the day before ~

Our tea began with Swedish Crumpets and two teas - Peach Oolong, and Honey Pear [black tea] from Golden Moon Teas.

Savories:  Egg Salad, Ham and Cheese Pinwheel, Chicken Salad in a deep fried Wonton Wrap.

Herbs de Provence Cucumber and Cream Cheese, and Pimento Cheese.

~ Fresh Fruit Cup ~

Desserts [Lemon topped Cheesecake and Apple Strudel] served with Coconut Pouchong Green Tea. 

~ Chocolate Truffle ~

~ Scoop of Toft's ice cream ~

to be continued...


  1. What??? I live about 45 minutes from Lakeside and never knew there was a tearoom there! How could I have been living in the dark this long! I can barely comment - I need to find out the days and hours and get some friends together! Lakeside is a hidden jewel and I am so excited to visit.

  2. What a great time we had at the tea room. Great food, great company of old and new friends.

  3. I always enjoy seeing your tea adventures!

  4. Oh, wow! I think I just added this retreat to my list of places to visit!


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