Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Pride and Prejudice Tea

Last Saturday, two friends and I traveled to East Lansing to attend another one of Cristy Bennett's beautiful and creative teas.  This makes the 17th tea I've attended, and while each has been special, this blue and white Regency tea ranks up at the top.  

When we stepped into her living room we saw a beautiful blue and white tablescape, and the room was decorated to coordinate.  I know of no one who goes to all this detail.  Jane Austen would be proud!

~ My place setting ~

~ Individual menu cards to take home, and chocolates in the form of a book ~

~ The flowers were ours to take home too ~

Cristy explained from a Jane Austen book that peacocks symbolize pride, hence the Peacock Edition of Pride and Prejudice bearing a peacock on the cover. 

The tea began with chilled sparkling Blueberry Juice.  Unfortunately I didn't take a picture. Our tea throughout the high tea was Blissful Blueberry - a black and green tea blend flavored with Blueberries, and Melva Flowers by Tealightful Teas.  It was excellent.

With Pride and Prejudice music playing softly in the background, we ate the 1st course of the high tea - chilled Blueberry Soup, with a dried Blueberry-Lemon pinwheel scone accompanied with wild Blueberry Jam.  Delicious!

Cristy said our main course was originally going to be a beef potpie reminiscent of Jane Austen's era, but it was just too hot for oven use, so we had Chicken & Penne Pasta Caesar Salad, with Pimento-Cheese Stuffed Campari Tomatoes, and Watermelon Wedges.

The dessert course was Blueberry-Lemon-Angel Food Cake Parfait, Jane Austen Silhouette Shortbread Cookie, and Regency Cameo Chocolate Medallion.

It was a lovely tea.  The next one in October is Phantom of the Opera - Red Roses, Black Lace, Candelabras & Music of the Night.  

*  *  *

Today I'm joining Antiques and Teacups for Tuesday Cuppa Tea
and Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday


  1. Now that is wonderful. I am thinking she does these in her home and charges. A lady here does the same thing 3 times each year, 2 seatings a day for 3 weekends. Each is themed. I am very interested in this idea too - for retirement! Thanks for sharing. I was thinking no 2 ladies would do Jane Austen alike. Her's was very pretty!

  2. Of course, I like the blue and white theme for this tea. Everything looks wonderful! I would dearly love to attend the Phantom of the Opera tea with you - if only there were not such a distance between us. Enjoy it for me, ok?

  3. Oh my, what a pretty setting! You would love the blue and white! The soup looks amazing as does all the food. Your hostess certainly goes to a lot of love and attention for her teas. One would feel quite pampered there. Thanks for sharing with us and have a beautiful day, Phyllis.


  4. I don't know when I've been so charmed by a post on any blog---this is simply so exquisitely done and so well-planned and presented, I'm just amazed at the detail and elegance.

    I'd hardly finished reading it when I just dashed down a post about this grandly-attuned afternoon, in honor of my favourite author. She would have been amazed and delighted, as will everyone who sees this, and I know the ladies honored with an invitation were simply taken away to that other so-gracious era.

    I cannot do it justice with mere words, but I hope you'll look in to see how delightful I found your lovely party:


    rachel @ LAWN TEA

  5. Rachel at Lawn Tea got behind me and pushed me all the way over for the devine tea.
    I did enjoy every single little thing about it. You have some beautiful things and you surely know how to use them. :)
    Thanks for this lovely post.

  6. Another fabulous tea you attended and the detail to colour and menu was breath taking.

  7. I sure wish I lived close to you, I hopefully would be joining you and your friends attending your many tea times! What a beautiful tea and all the blue you especially like!

  8. How wonderful! I would have LOVED attending with you! blue and white, tea, friends and Jane Austen...what's not to love! How wonderful for you to have attended, and thanks for sharing it with us and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  9. How Austentacious! I always enjoy reading about Cristy Bennett's themed teas. This one is one of my faves because it is marriage of two things dear to my heart--tea and Jane Austen!

    Hope there are no falling chandeliers at the Phantom of the Opera tea!

  10. Stunning! I would have loved to be a part of this. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  11. Wow! I love the theme, decor, food ... it's all just amazing! I can't begin to imagine the time and effort she puts into these teas.

  12. When does she start decorating for her themed teas? This is amazing and very thoughtful and creative from start to finish and everything in between!


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