Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tiffany and John's Reception

After the wedding ceremony there were lots of photos before the reception began.  Below is granddaughter, Marissa, who was her sister's Maid of Honor.  

~ Marissa and her boyfriend, Aurel ~

~ Marissa, Tiffany, and Brandon ~

~ Tiffany and Lori ~

~ Tiffany & John and Papa & Nana ~

[Photo courtesy of Jessie Speelman Photography]

[Photo courtesy of Jessie Speelman Photography]

During the photography, the guests inside the banquet hall enjoyed h'orderves, and the wait staff brought plates of them out to the bridal party and family.  I had never had mini pizza quiches before and they were yummy [must look for an online recipe].  

~ Tiff and John entering the banquet hall ~

~ Marissa and Tiff ~

~ Marissa giving the Maid of Honor Toast ~

The trays of Italian cookies came from a bakery in New York that supplied them for John's parent's and grandparent's wedding.  What a fun tradition!

~ John sang to Tiff [he's a worship pastor] ~

~ Bouquet toss and they danced the night away ~

It was a beautiful wedding, and we wish them much happiness!


  1. Traditions, family and a fun celebration, what wonderful memories for all!

  2. More beautiful pictures. I love the soft colors Tiffany chose. The cookie tradition is wonderful! And he SANG to her...what could be more special? Blessings on this sweet couple and the whole family!

  3. Oh so beautiful! Congratulations to the lovely couple!

  4. Such beautiful pictures. Love and happiness shine!

  5. Raising my cup to the bride and groom with wishes for a happy and blessed life together.
    Tiffany is a radiant bride and it is wonderful to see your entire family celebrating her.
    Thank you for sharing this special event with us.


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