Monday, August 10, 2015

Celebrating Julia Child!

I've been reading Julia Child's biography Appetite for Life.  I'm enjoying it, but it's slow going looking up the definitions and pronunciations of French words.  I'm on page 302 of the 500-page book, and have learned so much about her life.

Do you own Julia's cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, which proved her tenacious spirit, and made her famous?  Volume I was published in 1961 - a ten year endeavor!  

Volume II, which I don't have, took nine years to complete.  I'm amazed at her endurance and focus.  My presentation is August 18th, and I'll be sure to share the details.  In the meantime, pour yourself a cup of tea - because Julia loved tea - and eat a croissant in honor of her 103rd birthday, this Saturday, August 15th. In your mind you'll hear her say, Bon Appรฉtit!

With my grandaughter's wedding this week, in addition to preparing for my presentation, I'm feeling the crunch.  Therefore, I'm going to take a brief blogging break, and will return soon!


  1. I know you will do a great job even with your time crunch. Enjoy the wedding festivities!

  2. This is Joy - for some reason the comment thing won't let me comment like I usually do! What an exciting week it must be for you and the family. We'll look forward to hearing about it, when things settle back down. I pray for God's blessings on your granddaughter as she begins her married life.

  3. Between preparing for a wedding and preparing for a presentation - you have your plate full! Enjoy the family celebrations - look forward to hearing all about both events!

  4. How fun! Tomorrow is your big day! I just know you will be so interesting. I should have watched Julie and Julia on Saturday!

  5. I bought Volume I at the height of the Julie/Julia craze but have yet to make anything out of it! Ha!


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