Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Four Years Later...

Shortly after I started blogging I wrote a post titled "Tea for Every Generation[February 23, 2012].  It was about the birth of a sweet little girl named Madison, whose mother and grandmother are tea lovers, and attend my church.  I was graciously allowed to post a photo of Madison taken shortly after her birth, nestled inside an over-sized teacup planter.

Well... time passes quickly and Madison recently turned four.  She's becoming a tea lover at a young age.  Her mom posted a video of her having a play tea party on Facebook. Below is her fourth birthday picture taken by the same photographer who photographed her as an infant.

Here's to many more years of tea drinking, Madison!


  1. Happy birthday to Madison! She's adorable.

  2. So adorable! I think photos of little girls sipping tea in their finest dresses and hats are my favorite! Happy Birthday, Madison!


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