Friday, August 21, 2015

Brooke's a Teenager Now!

We've been celebrating family milestones lately! One granddaughter got married, and six days later another one turned 13. Brooke's birthday party was on Sunday, the 16th, a few days ahead of her actual birthday. I got a little nostalgic and pulled out some photos from Brooke's first tea party, even though she was too young to know what it was.  

She does remember the American Girl Tea Party in 2007, however.

~ And Tea Party Castle in 2010 ~

How quickly the years go by, and now she's a teenager!  The balloon says "Teenager at last" because that's how she views it.  But for me it's "Teenager already??"  ;-)

Happy Birthday, Brooke!


  1. What cute pictures of your little pink princess through the years! And now she is no longer little, but a teenager. Congratulations & Happy Birthday, Brooke, but the years do go by quickly.

  2. Happy Birthday, Brooke! Those baby pictures are simply adorable... and they grow up way too fast!


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