Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lakeside, Ohio - Part II

After our tea, a shuttle [driver with a deluxe golf cart] took us on a tour of the campgrounds.

~ Lake Erie ~

~ Hotel porch that overlooks the lake ~

In the evening we went to a concert in Hoover Auditorium by the Lakeside Symphony Orchestra.

Bright and early the next morning [Saturday] we got up, dressed, and had breakfast at The Patio Restaurant, and then we made our way over to the antique show.  The vendors began selling at 9:30 a.m.  I made my major purchase at the very first booth I visited - a hanging leaded glass piece for my living room.  It will hang in the C-shape wall cut-out.  I was sooo happy to find it.

~ A Chintz candy dish ~

~ A blue and white cow creamer from Germany ~

He's already found his spot on my living room shelves.

~ An ivory sugar cube tray with numbered markings ~

We split up to do our shopping, and when we met for lunch Linda purchased two blue and white porcelain pieces for me, and said if I didn't like them to just pass them along to someone else. Well, I like them and have already found a spot for them on my shelves.  ;-)

~ A Spode Tray ~

~ A Milk Jug ~

We left for home Sunday morning after breakfast.  What a fun two days, and I'm already looking forward to next year!


  1. A lakeside retreat, a tea room, a concert, and beautiful antiques - how wonderful! I love your leaded glass piece and all the beautiful blue and white pieces. So glad they have found a home with you.

  2. What a wonderful girl's trip. I wish I were in one of those rockers on the hotel's front porch!


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