Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tea Themed Collections - More Linens 'n Things

Today's post completes Linen 'n Things, and then I'll move on to a different collection.  I hope you're enjoying this series.  

I love Heritage Lace and have several pieces of it.

Teapot curtains will be going up over my kitchen sink after the kitchen is painted this spring. The picture below is on the curtain package.

 ~ Two tea themed, spiced-scented, hot pads ~

I'm not a collector of ladies hankies, but these were in my mother's things when I packed up her belongings.  She crocheted many beautiful doilies over the years, but her hankies are all that remain. She always had one tucked inside her Bible when we went to church on Sundays.

A lot of tea rooms use vintage hankies for napkins, but psychologically I can't bring myself to use them as a repurposed napkin.

Victorian jug or glass covers, to keep bugs out when picnicking or dining outdoors.  I've never used mine for al fresco dining because they seem too formal.

~ Teapot Coasters ~

My friend, Linda, at Friendship Tea blog, wrote a post yesterday about doilies.  Below are the only three hand-made doilies that I have.  They were a shower present, and the lady who made them has been deceased for several years.  I've gotten rid of many things over the years, but kept these. Two of them sit on my dresser under a lamp and jewelry box.  Do ladies still crochet today? Most of my doilies, tablecloths, and table runners are commercially made.

I couldn't resist the teapot chair cushions for my dining area. Originally I bought terrycloth dishtowels, dishcloths, and potholders to match, but only the potholders are suitable for photographing now.

~ Linen napkins to match Sandy Clough's 'Blessings Among the Roses' China ~

~ Tea Pillows ~

~ Tea Throw ~

~ Teapot rug in spare bedroom ~

Tea themed tapestry.  I have a new blue teapot tapestry that will go in my living room when the renovation is completed, but since it's still wrapped up in a box I'll wait to show it after it's hung. I love tapestries.

And last, but not least my tea themed fabric, just waiting for a project.


  1. Oh, I'm in love with those curtains and the chair cushions! All these linen pieces are wonderful. I have some tea-themed fabrics waiting for projects, too! I need to get busy on some of them. I've certainly enjoyed seeing your linen collection.

  2. I'm amazed at all your tea collectibles, Phyllis. Love the chair cushions and the curtains! Have a good week!

  3. You could do tours through your home Phyllis for tea lovers. Every day since you started showing all of your collectibles I have enjoyed looking at them.

  4. I also have tea-themed fabric waiting, and waiting for a project. :-)

  5. Oh my, what wonderful tea-themed linens and fabrics! I never realized Heritage Lace made so many different items in that design (I have the tablecloth), so now I have more to be on the lookout for!


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