Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tea Themed Stationery

Following yesterday's post about handwritten notes and letters, and continuing with my series of 'collections,' I thought I'd share some of my tea themed stationery, and where it's kept.

Many years ago [forty something] my hubby and I were in my in-law's basement, and I spotted an old mahogany desk with a detached lid due to broken hinges.  It was in rough condition.  The drawers were empty since it was no longer in use, and it was just taking up space.  There was something about it that I liked, so I asked my hubby if he'd ask his parents if we could have it.  He did, and they were happy to get rid of it. We ordered new hinges for the drop-down, desk lid and my hubby antiqued it.  The desk is called a 'Governor Winthrop Desk,'  and it's where I keep my stationery and writing supplies.

It sits in the corner closest to my hubby's side of the bed, so when the desk-top is open he usually lays the remote controls, DVD's, and his guy things on it, and I sit at my computer desk to write. The photo is how it supposed look!  ;-)

It has four drawers.  The first three hold blank note cards, stationery, assorted cards and date books/calendars.  Most are tea themed.  The bottom drawer contains wrapping paper.

My mother's motto was "a place for everything, and everything in it's place."  And so it is with my stationery desk.

I love Punch Studio Cards and am often able to find them at Tuesday Morning stores.

Carol Wilson, Mary Engelbreit, and Sandy Clough are favorites too.  I just got three boxes of Sandy Clough tea themed Birthday, Get Well, and Friendship cards.  I can never have too many note cards and stationery supplies.

I loved Sandy Clough's tea themed note cards when I was selling her products, but they are no longer available. I was happy to find the cards below that are prints of Sandy's paintings.

Michael's, Marshall's and T.J. Maxx are often good places to find tea themed note cards, and occasionally Hallmark and American Greetings make blank tea themed note cards too. What's your favorite stationery/card source?


  1. Your stationery desk is awesome, Phyllis! Love all the tea-themed cards, especially the ones by Punch Studios .

  2. Your collection of cards is nice but I rarely see tea themed ones in stores so online ordering must be the answer. Hallmark was my favourite source of cards until I started making my own and I have been acquiring a number of tea accessories which is fun.

  3. I love the desk! It is quite similar to the lower part of one my mother had, which now sits in my entry hall. I wish I had a good source for cute notecards, the best I've done is Michael's when I can get there (it's 2 hours away). I will have to start checking at Tuesday morning when I'm in the "big city" also.

  4. Wow, what organization! I'd show you photos of my stationery drawer but it would probably give you bad dreams ... ;)

  5. Love your old dest with it's new life. I collect tea stationery too and you sure do have quite a collection. Wonderful!

  6. What a fun way to store stationary. I have ordered tea themed stationary from, including the Sandy Clough you featured.

  7. Another beautiful piece of woodwork transformation. I love it when people see the beauty in something that has been sitting neglected; or in need of repair. This works wonderful for all your stationery. You have beautiful cards too. Love how organized you are.

  8. Great stationary desk! Kudos to your husband! Don't you just love the wide variety of tea themed stationary? I must always purchase some when I see it, and mine is neatly stored in an old secretary that my father refinished many years ago. I love it!


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