Friday, February 20, 2015

Birthday Wishes!

Get out your best china teapot and teacups [lavender ones preferably] for the birthday celebrations of two tea lovin' blogging friends.

Let's sing "Happy Birthday," eat cake, and sip tea in honor of Judith at Lavender Cottage who will celebrate her birthday this Monday, January 23rd, and Bernideen at Bernideen's Tea Time Blog has a birthday today.  Lifting my teacup to two lovely blogging sisters!  Hope your birthdays are extra special!


  1. You're so sweet Phyllis. My birthday is actually on Monday the 23rd and I've been celebrating all month in Florida! Yes, 39 again...:-)
    Happy Birthday to our friend Bernideen too, a lovely tea blogging sister.

  2. Oh, you are so good to keep up with tea friends' birthdays! I do good to keep up with my immediate family, sigh ...

  3. OK, tell us how you stay so organized! I have way too many projects and scraps of paper on my desk, obviously!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to Judith and Bernideen!


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