Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hudson's Memorabilia Birthday Gifts

Yesterday I met some of the gals I attended high school with for dinner - always a fun time! My girlfriend, Sandy, knows I collect Hudson's department store memorabilia - especially things that pertain to the store's eateries - so part of my birthday gift from her were two items she found while antiquing.  The timing is perfect since I will be doing a Hudson's presentation this Sunday.

The first item is a box of crayons that children would have received to color with while they waited for their 'Tommy Tucker Special' [or whatever menu option they chose].

Hudson's sold more than one-half million commodities in its 49 acres of shopping space, from jeweled dog collars to baby bumble bees preserved in soya sauce and sugar!   So it's not surprising that they also sold hard milled bar soap from West Germany - the other item Sandy gave me. It was important to be squeaky clean and dressed up to shop at downtown Hudson's!   I'm so happy to add these items to my collection.

And a pretty tea themed birthday card too!

I already had the Mary Had a Little Lamb Hall pitcher that held milk or soda pop accompanying children's meals. And in December I acquired a 1953 and 1954 Christmas Carol Goodie Book.  My collection continues to grow.   

What's your favorite childhood department store?  Do you collect any of its memorabilia?


  1. An astounding collection Phyllis. I think the store that sticks out in my mind is Kresges (not sure if I spelled it right) which is where my mother took me to shop for housewares and have lunch at their long counter. I didn't think to collect anything back then and this chain of stores disappeared many years ago.

  2. I miss the Hudson's restaurant. I go to the one at Nordstrom and love it, but it doesn't have the memories.

  3. I am loving your collectibles, Phyllis! To have items that are 60 years old - wow, they stood the test of time. Enjoy!

  4. My favorite department store was Foley's in downtown Houston, Texas. In junior high, my best friend and I would save our babysitting money and then ride the bus downtown to go shopping at Foley's. We would try on clothes and buy a new outfit and of course, we had to check out the bargains in the basement. For lunch, we would go down to Woolworth's. But we always picked out something at the bakery in Foley's for dessert. They had the most wonderful animated store displays at Christmas.

  5. What wonderful finds! Excellent additions to your collection. I think you love Hudson's the way I loved Rich's, a wonderful Atlanta-based department store. I was blessed to work there for 4 years, but I shopped there all my life. Unfortunately it no longer exists - but I'd love to have more memoribilia than I do.

  6. I collect a lot of "stuff" but living in a small town, no particular department store was that special. However, I enjoy seeing your collection.

  7. A high five to Sandy for thinking of you with the Hudson's memorabilia! My favorite childhood department store was Rich's, but I've found precious little memorabilia around here!


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