Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tea Angel Collection

Continuing on with the series of tea collections, I'm sharing my tea angels today. This collection  is considerably smaller than my aprons, tea towels/linens, and jewelry. It consists of just seven angel figurines, but with E-bay it has the potential of increasing.

~ Below is the shelf where they all reside ~

~ My first tea angel was a gift - a 2004 Willow Tree angel, called Angel of the Kitchen ~ 

~ The second tea angel is Jim Shore's 'Angel of Hospitality' ~

~ The third tea angel is 'Time for Tea' by Betty Singer ~

 ~ The fourth tea angel is from the Heavenly Guardians Series ~

~ The fifth tea angel has no markings ~

~ The sixth tea angel is Jim Shore's 'Giving Has It's Own Reward' ~

The seventh tea angel has no markings.  She has wings even though they're not clearly visible in the photograph. 

Do you have any tea angels?


  1. I only have 3 tea angels, but that means I have a collection, too! Yours are very special!

  2. I love seeing your tea angels again! I have the first two, and am always keeping my eyes out for others. So sweet!

  3. Lovely collection! I only have the willow angel, my sister gave me. I have never seen any at thrift stores when I shop for dishes. They are hare to find around here.
    Have you gotten much snow? Last night we got a pretty snowfall. So beautiful!
    Hugs, Nancy

  4. I have the Jim Shore...a gift from a friend. Love your collection!

  5. What a sweet collection! Thanks for sharing. I'm really enjoying your series of posts on collections. I have a Willow ornament and two Christmas themed Willow angels but unfortunately no tea angels. Our local Hallmark store has quite a selection. I'll have to look for the Willow tea angel there.

  6. I think I'm like your last tea angel … my wings just aren't visible! ;)


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