Thursday, February 5, 2015

Surprise! Surprise!

My odometer doesn't 'officially' roll over until 10:25 a.m. Feb. 6th, but I've been receiving wonderful birthday surprises for a few days now.

My girlfriend, Lori, and I went to tea at The Royal Treat Tea Room on January 19th.  The tea room was almost filled to capacity.

Only two small tables were unoccupied.  One was reserved... 

And the other wasn't, so we happily took it.


My place setting is pictured below.  The tea I selected was Lady Grey black tea.

That's not orange juice in the glass below - it's yummy lemon curd for our Scottish scones. 

We both ordered their chicken salad instead of a slice of quiche, and it was delicious.

Friendship is such a blessing!

Before we went our separate ways, Lori gave me an early birthday present - Night time tea body wash and lotion by Bath & Body Works.

A lovely bud vase, uniquely made from a vintage fork and hollow knife handle, was also in the gift bag.  

I've never seen one like it before, have you?  I just love it!  Can't you envision one at each place setting at a formal dinner table?  This was the work of a very creative and crafty person.

Below is the sweet tea themed card that accompanied Lori's gift.

Last week I received an adorable teacup birthday card [with tea bags enclosed] from a dear friend in California.  Tea was the catalyst for our friendship.

Yesterday, the doorbell rang, and the postman handed my hubby a package. We were babysitting our two-and-a-half year old granddaughter, Ellie, and she carried the package into my office and handed it to me.  Aren't surprises fun!  She was as anxious as I was to see what was inside.

I opened the box which came from another wonderful friend in Kentucky, and found a bundle wrapped up in pretty blue tissue paper with teacups printed on it.

If you've been reading my blog this week you know I just finished a post about tea towels and linens.  Well now I have more to add to my collection because a matching set of three tea towels [two linen and one terrycloth], two potholders, one oven mitt, and one dishcloth were wrapped in the tissue paper, along with a separate blue linen tea towel - all tea themed! Aren't they pretty?

Lovely card that came with the package.

After I was done opening the package and oohing and ahhing over it, my hubby handed me an envelope that had also arrived in the day's mail.  

It came from a dear lady in Mississippi who faithfully reads my blog.  We've never met personally, but we've developed an Internet friendship.  When I recently blogged about my upcoming trip to England with my daughter, she wrote and said England was on her list of places she hopes to visit.   Below is her thoughtful card.

When I opened it and saw what was enclosed, I was overwhelmed. I bowed my head and thanked the Lord for the wonderful people He has allowed me to cross paths with.  I will definitely blog about what I purchase in England with the Twenty Pounds, Sarah!  

Thanks to everyone for making me feel so special!  It's worth turning another year older ;-), and I'm truly grateful for your friendship and kindness.


  1. What wonderful pre-birthday treats from friends who obviously know you well!

  2. I love surprises, too. Fun to read your granddaughter was with you when you opened the package, because my granddaughter, Kaitlyn, was here on Saturday and helped me package it.

  3. What great birthday surprises! Happy Birthday tomorrow, you know it is Birthday Season so I hope the surprises will keep coming for a while yet!

  4. Happy Birthday and many mooorrreee! Loving your collection series.

  5. Some nice gifts and thoughtful friends Phyllis. Unfortunately I didn't plan ahead well enough to send a card but if you'll check your email...
    Happy Birthday my friend!

  6. Happy Birthday!
    May each and every hour be happy..
    Wishing you a year filled with all things good


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