Monday, January 14, 2013

Tea Time Repurposed Accessories

When serving clotted cream, lemon curd, jam, or any spreads for scones, I prefer serving it  individually.   I frequently use my vintage, clear glass egg cups, made by the Canadian Dominion Glass Company.  I've managed to find some in the United States, but most have come from antique stores in Canada.  They're perfect for individual servings.

I also like individual butter domes.  The dome in the photo below is made by Mikasa, but other companies make them too.

A friend gave me eight silverplate butter domes made by Studio Nova, which came with their own spreaders. 

When I've done large church teas, and haven't had enough individual containers, I've used sherbet or cocktail stemware [any stemware with a flared bowl will work] and set two on a table to be passed around.   The stemware on the left, came from a $ store.  Shhh... don't tell since it looks so elegant.  The one on the right is part of my wedding crystal.  

I've even used vintage salt cellars for scone spreads.

I've seen some tea rooms use short-stemmed cordial glasses too.  What do you serve your scone spreads in?  Almost any small, glass container will work, regardless of what it was designed or intended for.  That's what makes "repurposing" fun.  A friend of mine bought snowflake votive candle holders at the $ store and used them for her clotted cream at a winter-themed snowman tea.  They were adorable!

And speaking of spreaders...  Over the years I've collected several vintage silverplate butter spreaders in various patterns, and always use them at tea time.   I didn't know until last week when I read my friend Angela's blog, Tea With Friends, that there are actually "tea knives."  Another fun, new-to-me, tea accoutrement to search for!  


  1. Love the egg cups for individual servings, and the butter domes are adorable. I have an individual "butter pat" mold that was my grandmother's, but have never actually used it. Wouldn't a pat of butter with a flower shape on top be cute in one of those domes? I have repurposed my candlewick salt cellars to hold small candies but never thought about other uses. Thank you for the ideas!

  2. I love your clear glass butter dome, so perfect for tea parties! I only have one knife rest a dear friend gave me. I've used sherbert stemware for the lemon curd and jam (love your stemware) and also tiny teacups for individual servings. Very interesting post, thanks for sharing!

  3. The butter dome (glass one) is just beautiful. Any tea you set up, you make beautiful and I always enjoy seeing your teas, Phyllis. Have a good week!

  4. For a small amount, butter pats, teabag holders and as you noted open salts always work well. I like the individual servings best as well. Love you pieces. So pretty!

  5. A very interesting post. I had never thought of using egg cups to serve creams and curds. It's a great idea! I do have three or four of the Mikasa domed servers. I like them because they are so small. I never knew that the real name for butter spreaders was "tea knives". I like that name better!

  6. Love the little domed servers you have! I've served lemon curd and clotted cream in small cordial glasses, but I guess that's as adventuresome as I've gotten. You know what I want to use on a tea table? Those tiniest of the glass salt cellars! I think they are so pretty, but ... they're not big enough for lemon curd/jam/cream, and few people actually sprinkle loose sugar in their tea (couldn't contain more than a spoonful anyway, probably). Maybe one day I'll come up with something. I *love* your idea of repurposing things!


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