Friday, January 18, 2013

Miss Sandy's Tea Party and Tea Set

If you've been a follower of my blog for awhile, you know that when "A Sandy Clough Tea" was still in existence, I was an independent distributor for her company.

One of the items in Sandy's product line was a darling child's porcelain tea set.  Below is an actual photo of Sandy having a tea party with her dolls.  The photo was printed on the cover of the box the tea set is packaged in.

This is a companion book to the tea set.  

Below are photos taken at one of the home parties where the hostess invited little girls to attend along with their mothers.   The girls loved being at the tea party.  You can see the child's tea set on display in the far-right corner. 

Getting ready to eat Sandy's chocolate cake [which we demonstrators/tea ladies always provided] and drink caffeine-free Pink Sunshine tea [strawberry vanilla] that Sandy had blended.  I gave each of the girls a gift bag to take home.   That's my granddaughter, Tiffany, standing on the left filling up a teapot.  She helped at many of my Sandy Clough tea parties, and I loved taking her with me when her schedule permitted.  Tables were set up in the kitchen and living room for all the little girls and their moms.

Here's Tiffany again from a front view, modeling the apron that was also a part of Miss Sandy's Tea Party collection.  At this point, Tiffany is my only granddaughter who enjoys tea, tea parties, pretty dishes and vintage things.   I gave her several Sandy Clough pieces for her own home someday.  

This was the brochure that featured the tea set.

On the inside cover is an acrostic for Lady, and a perfect description of a tea party!

                            L is for lots of fun
                            A is for always being kind and friendly.
                            D is for doing the right thing, and practicing manners.
                            Y is for yummy food! 

This was Miss Sandy's Tea Party product line, with a recipe for Strawberry-Banana sandwiches in the lower left corner.  [Click to enlarge]

I don't have a doll collection, but my one-and-only sits in my living room, in her own little chair.  ;-)  On the tray in front of her is a close-up of Sandy's adorable tea set.

Next Thursday, January 24th, will be my one year blogging anniversary.   I've been giving considerable thought as to what my give-away will be.  Since it's not going to be restricted to U.S. residents, I'm being mindful of shipping weight.  I've decided that Sandy's  book, "Come to My Tea Party," will be one of the items.   Visit my blog next week to view the entire give-away.


  1. How adorable! I was just about to head to ebay and amazon to see if that book is listed anywhere. I have some child-sized teacups and saucers from the Depression era, but no teapot - these are just darling. I enjoyed seeing pictures of them in use, too!

  2. Very fun! I never attended one as there was no one in my area, but they looked like so much fun. I bet all the young ladies enjoyed it immenseley!

  3. How sweet to have that wonderful tea set. I love how you have your doll all set for tea! I love the definition of LADY all spelled out for us! I'll be back to sign up for your giveaway.

  4. Fun photos and great memories, Phyllis!

  5. I think we've been deprived in the great north of the border - the book is new to me although I know Sandy's name from a card I've received. And, what a fabulous book it appears to be.
    I'll be back to enter your giveaway Phyllis.

  6. Oh, these party photos are so cute, Phyllis. I would have just loved to take my nieces to a Sandy Tea Party to enjoy all of the fun. The tea set is just perfect for sharing Afternoon Tea with dolls and little friends. You must have realy enjoyed sharing your passion for tea with all of the guests and your sweet granddaughter.

    Have a happy day!

    Mary Jane

  7. Wow you are celebrating and so is our friend, Linda.
    Congratulations on 1 year. That is a very cute tea set indeed.

  8. Happy (almost) One-Year Bloggiversary! I love that you kept all the papers related to the Sandy Clough line. That in and of itself is going to be a help to collectors one day--yourself included, no doubt!


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