Thursday, January 17, 2013

American Girl Tea Parties

Today I'm sharing two American Girl tea parties.  It's a wonderful theme for a little girl's tea party. 

My daughter-in-law is the Children's Director at my church, so a few years back [when the American Girl movie came out featuring Kit Kittredge], she asked me to do an American Girl tea party for the girls and their moms.  They went to the theater to see the movie first, and then returned to her house for the tea party afterwards.

What would an American Doll tea party be without American Girl dolls?  Some of the girls brought their dolls to 'hang out' with each other during the tea party!  ;-)  Kit is the doll in the back/center of the photo, wearing the white hat with green bow.  Her time period is the Great Depression. 

Kit liked to write, and wanted to be a journalist, so each girl attending got a notepad and ink pen as their favor. 

Kit's mom belonged to a Garden Club, so the dessert was individual dirt cakes. 

Pink lemonade, peanut butter and jelly butterflies, cheese flowers, and fresh fruit completed the menu.

Don't you just love seeing younger generations enjoying a tea party?

The girls [and their moms] all had a good time.  After they ate I shared the history of how American Girl dolls came to be, and we talked briefly about etiquette. 

The second American Girl tea party that I coordinated was an 8th birthday party for a little girl named Annabel, held at Ardmore Park Place [a restaurant in an old historic Victorian house].

A tiara for the birthday girl! 

Fourteen girls were invited.

Sugar rimmed glasses were ready and waiting for pink lemonade to be poured from teapots. 

The doll table, which wasn't large enough to hold all the dolls once all the girls arrived. 

 All the little girls ready and waiting for their meal to be served.

  We began with warm cinnamon buns [the restaurant used miniature ones].

Cheese and fruit kabobs.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Spirals, Pizza on an English Muffin, and Pigs in a Blanket [or at least that's what they were supposed to be.  The kitchen staff had never made them before!  ;-)]. 

Dessert was Yellow Cupcakes with Buttercream Icing and Ice Cream Sundaes.

The plan was to talk briefly about etiquette and then Annabel would open her gifts.  As soon as the girls finished eating, however,  they were eager to get their dolls and see Annabel's presents,  so discussing etiquette never happened!  ;-)   It was a very fun party.

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  1. These look so wonderful! You put so much thought and attention to detail into the teas you plan. I'm sure all the little girls had a wonderful time.

  2. Dear Phyllis,
    I am mad crazy about the American Girl dolls. In fact, I just bought myself Nellie O'Malley which I will post closer to St. Patrick"s Day. What a wonderful idea your teas were. I am sure the girls just loved it.
    Xo Ruthie

  3. A wonderful tea! It was fun to see so many young friends at church loving the movies and dolls. Your setting is wonderful! What a super time for the ladies...young and in bond and share. Perfect! Thank you so much for linking to the first Thursday Tea Things And Talk!

  4. Now that looks like a very special tea party, but where are the boys!

  5. Really great parties, Phyllis! You are very creative and talented.

  6. What fun! And I just love how the foods were perfectly appropriate to a tea party for little girls!


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