Thursday, December 27, 2012

This and That...

The snow began falling yesterday afternoon as the weather forecast predicted.  The photo below is what it looked like from our front porch.

We awoke to a winter wonderland this morning with 6+ inches of snow.  Although we had two "dustings" before Christmas, this is the largest accumulation so far this season - enough to make hubby crank up the snow blower.  It's beautiful if you can stay indoors, or are a skier. 
*  *  *
Steve and Sharon quietly renewed their wedding vows [that they wrote for each other] in St. Patrick's Cathedral last night.   They must have found a willing person to take their picture.
Sharon as beautiful as she was 20 years ago!
Nativity at St. Patrick's Cathedral
In the City that never sleeps.

They seem to love Christmas as the backdrop for their memorable occasions.  They became engaged on Christmas Eve 1991.  Steve took Sharon to dinner at a Chinese restaurant [the only restaurant in the area that was open on Christmas Eve] and prearranged with the owner to put the message in her fortune cookie, "Will you marry me?"  Afterwards they came back to our house and joined the family for our annual Christmas Eve gathering.
*  *  *
The January/February 2013 Tea Time magazine is out.  The cover features red and white transferware.
Here's a peek inside at just a couple of the red transferware tablescapes.
Isn't it beautiful?
Thanks to two of my favorite blogs, Rose Chintz Cottage and Aiken House & Gardens [both from Prince Edward Island, Canada], I have become smitten with pink/red transferware.  I definitely don't need another set of dishes, but I want it!  I hope I can collect enough for my daughter's annual birthday tea this August.  I'll be keeping my eye out at estate sales.  Wish me luck! ;-)


  1. How Romantic! Renewing there vows - gorgeous couple! Thanks for the preview of Tea Time!

  2. A lovely post! What a beautiful couple --- and so precious that they renewed their vows. And the red transferware --- is very pretty. Ever since I saw Marilyn's red transferware teapot --- I have been wishing for some myself. Isn't that the way it goes?

  3. What a beautiful cup and saucer. Also just love your snow photos. It's the middle of summer here. We had the AC on Christmas Day as it was about 33 celcius.

  4. Beautiful snow! We did get a slight dusting the day after Christmas, but it was gone when the sun came out yesterday. That's ok with me. Beautiful pictures of your son and his wife in NYC, too. That is so special. I hope you find many pieces of the red transfer ware this year, too,

  5. I enjoyed your post today, Phyllis! Sharon is a beautiful young woman. I enjoyed hearing about their engagement and their trip to New York. I liked the photos you showed from Tea Time magazine as well. I pray that 2013 brings you and yours love, joy, peace, hope, and good health.
    xo Beth

  6. Renewing vows is so romantic and the couple looks very happy.
    As soon as you mentioned the red transferware, I thought myself, wait until Sandi and Carolyn see the cover! My Tea Time magazine always comes about 2 weeks after everyone has theirs. Can't wait to get it though.
    Happy New Year Phyllis.

  7. I am smitten too, so will look forward to the arrival of my magazine. How sweet to renew their vows in St. Patrick's. It looks beautiful!

  8. Your son and DIL are definitely a handsome couple! And I'll have to keep my eye out for red transferware for you! (Bargain-priced, of course.)

  9. P.S. I saw *one* snowflake last week and got excited. Don't guess you'd be too impressed!


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