Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2012 Christmas Tea at Longacre House

I purchased a reservation a while back to attend a Christmas Tea at the historic Longacre House in Farmington Hills, MI.  The tea was held yesterday, December 4th, with the theme "All that Glitters!"
The tables were festively set for a delightful afternoon.

Linda Pudlik, pictured below, has been the coordinator of the monthly theme teas at Longacre House since 2008.

The first course was a Creamy Tomato Basil Bisque, but I forgot to take a photo before I ate it! 

The main course was a Savory Chicken & Vegetable Strudel, Mushroom/Rice Medley and Glazed Fruit, served with a Candied Fruit and Cinnamon Scone.

Dessert was a slice of Cranberry/Pecan Cake with spiced Cranberry Relish and Vanilla Ice Cream.   The tea was White Pomegranate with Holiday Berries and a hint of Vanilla & Almond.  It was delicious!
Did you notice the silver boxes in the tablescape photos above?  Linda filled each box with a piece of jewelry from her personal collection, and we played a little game as she read highlights from 2012's monthly teas.  Whenever she spoke the word 'left' we passed our silver boxes to the left and conversely to the right.  When she was finished reading the highlights, whatever box we were holding was ours to keep.   I got a lovely pewter angel brooch with a rhinestone face, pictured below.   How appropriate since the tea I coordinated three days earlier had an angel theme.   The angels were watching!  ;-)  
Linda is stepping down from coordinating Longacre's monthly teas, and this tea was her finale.   

She published a cookbook in October 2011  containing the recipes for all of the monthly tea menus from 2008 up until that time.   It's a treasure since it not only shares recipes but the themes as well -  A Red Shoe Tea [The Wizard of Oz], Loving Lavender; Diamonds are a Ghoul's Best Friend [Halloween];  Are There Fairies in Your Garden? and many more.  I was privileged to be one of her speakers on two occasions - A Mother's Shield of Honor [Aprons] and A Tea Fit for a Queen [Celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee].
Kudos for a job well done, Linda!


  1. This looks like a lovely event and what a nice way to dish out gifts!

  2. How beautiful those tables are, and what fun to pass around the silver boxes, too. Looks like a delightful afternoon.

  3. Looks like a great time, and I absolutely love her outfit! Gorgeous! Yes, how fitting you won that lovely angel pin. Christmas Tea is the best way to kick off the season!

  4. Well, I'm so envious of your tea events. I've not heard of any in our community. I might have to open a tea house myself! This event looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing all about it!
    Have a wonderful week!
    sandy ;)

  5. I think you will miss Linda's teas. They have each been just lovely. How fun to have the little remembrance of the angel.


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