Thursday, December 20, 2012

Early Christmas Gifts

The first Christmas present I received came via U.S. Postal Service twelve days before Christmas from a dear friend.   The package contained fabulous tea books.  I wanted to share two of them with you because they are books I haven't seen before or heard about.
The Tea Drinker's Handbook
by Francois-Xavier Delmas
Mathias Minet
Christine Barbaste

I haven't had time to sit down to read it yet, but a quick scan shows the book is divided into three categories:  What is Tea? [with five sub-headings]; Tasting [with five sub-headings]; and The World's 50 Best Teas [with six sub-headings]. 
Tea - History, Terroirs, and Varieties
by Kevin Gascoyne
Francois Marchand
Jasmin Desharnais
Hugo Americi
This book is divided into four parts:  From Garden to Cup; From One Terroir to Another; From Cup to Plate; and Tea and Health.   I am so anxious to read these books, and will review them on my blog as soon as I do.
*  *  *
After my girlfriend and I returned from our outing to Meadow Brook Hall on Tuesday we exchanged Christmas gifts.  Below are photos of my gift from her.
A beautiful yellow and blue chintz china teapot by PTS International.  The pattern is Adelaide.  It was accompanied by four matching dessert plates and four mugs. 

Isn't it lovely? 

*  *  *
And last, but not least, do you remember me writing about the disappointing Russian Imperial Tea Reception at the Detroit Institute of Arts on December 10th?

My girlfriend and I were among those who lingered longer at the tea, because I was busy taking photos for my blog.  As we  sipped the last of our tea, a lady, who appeared to be the coordinator of the event, approached me [and the few remaining others] with a piece of paper and asked for my name and address.  She was well aware that many were disappointed with the event, and said the DIA would make it right.   I didn't know specifically what that meant, but I signed the paper.   Three days later I received this letter:

Two complimentary VIP passes to the Fabergé exhibit accompanied the letter.   As soon as Christmas is over my girlfriend and I will attend.   It was a very nice gesture on the part of the Detroit Institute of Arts, and since I shared the disappointment, I felt it was only right to share the joy as well.

Thank you Detroit Institute of Arts, Ruth and Sandy!


  1. The books look quite interesting and the yellow chintz teapot set is so pretty and cheerful! Won't it be a perfect spirit-lifter on a gloomy winter day in January or February? And how nice that you get to be VIP's! That's a good thing for the DIA to do, it is never good to leave people disappointed. Enjoy, enjoy!

  2. Hi Phyllis,
    What a beautiful teaset from your friend! It would be lovely for a spring tea! Your tea books sound so interesting, a perfect read after the Christmas rush! Great that you got a VIP invite, too!
    Seasons Greetings!

  3. Oh, tea books are such wonderful gifts! I have read the first one but not the second one. And I love that pretty yellow tea set you received -- I can just envision the tea party you will have with it. Also, how very nice that the DIA has tried to set things aright--terrific! (But they still need to have YOU in charge of the tea next year!)

  4. Lovely holiday gifts, and two books I'm not familiar with. Also, happy to hear the DIA has attempted to keep their customers happy. Merry Christmas, Phyllis!


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