Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmases Past

On December 18th I blogged about the Tea and Tour that my girlfriend and I took at the Edsel/Eleanor Ford House.  In 1999 I took my oldest granddaughter, Tiffany, to a Nutcracker Tea at the Cotswold Tea Room [now called Cafe] on the estate grounds.   She was eight years old at the time.
And I won't say how old I was! ;-)
Waitress pouring hot chocolate for Tiffany.
Afterwards, we were shuttled to the play house of Josephine Ford [Edsel & Eleanor's  daughter], where Santa was waiting to see all of the children who attended the Nutcracker Tea.
Tiffany outside the playhouse.
Wonder what she was asking Santa for???
In going through old Christmas photographs, I found one of me when I was not quite two years old, taken at Muirhead's Department Store in Dearborn, MI.  [The store closed in 1990.]  Santa was housed inside an Igloo, and children sat in a sleigh to see him, rather than sitting on his lap.  I apparently tried to watercolor the photograph when I was a few years older!  ;-)


  1. The tea with your grand daughter just looks precious. Liked seeing your water colored Santa visit too.

  2. What fun to take a granddaughter to a special Christmas tea! And your Santa picture is darling, too.

  3. Ooh, I love seeing your Christmas photos. What good memories!

  4. Fun post! Happy New Year, Phyllis!

  5. Oh, I adore these photos of your sweet granddaughter at tea as well as the one of you and Santa! Delightful!


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