Sunday, December 30, 2012

Alice's Tea Cup in NYC

I promised to let you know if Steve & Sharon [my son and daughter-in-law] made it to any of the tea places I gave them.

Steve sent me a photo of Alice's Tea Cup on W. 73rd Street yesterday.  Turns out it's only two blocks from where they're staying.  He's bringing me back a menu and brochure.

I already have a cookbook from the tea room.

They're having a great time in NYC.  


  1. I have sold the teabook in my store. Remember when there was quite a chatter on ATAA about the pumpkin scone recipe?! How fun that they sent you the photo of the tearoom!

  2. A friend has visited here and found it really fun!

  3. What a great visit they are having in NYC!

  4. That looks like a fun place to visit! Will look forward to hearing more about it. :-)

  5. How special! This is a tearoom I would love to visit some day.


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