Monday, October 22, 2012

Wedgwood Blue Jasperware

On September 27th I wrote a post about Visiting the Wedgwood China FactoryIn that post I mentioned that the only blue Jasperware I owned was a miniature teapot Christmas tree ornament.
I receive weekly E-mail notifications of Estate Sales in my area, but seldom  go to any.  Last Wednesday [10/17] was different, however.  When I looked through the photographs of items being sold at one of the sales I noticed some Wedgwood Blue Jasperware.   My hubby and I left home before the sale was  scheduled to start, and found 35 people in line ahead of us.  Our admittance tickets were #36 and #37.   #1 - #25 were the first to go in, so we patiently impatiently waited our turn!  ;-)
When we entered, I spotted the Jasperware sitting on an end table in the living room.  Would it be within a price range I could afford or was willing to pay?   I quickly walked over to it, and checked the price tag which read $65.   I couldn't believe my eyes!   I inspected it carefully, and aside from some dust, it was in mint condition.  I happily proceeded to the checkout table to make it mine!  This is what I purchased:
Sugar and Creamer
Two Teacups - Interestingly, the inside of one teacup is glazed and the other isn't.
Complete Set
All the pieces are marked Wedgwood, Made in England.   But where there's genuine, there'll always be imitation!  As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?  Below is my imitation Jasperware dresser set that I've had for  so long  I don't even remember where I purchased it.
And since we're  in the master bedroom, have a look around.  The secretary desk in the corner was rescued from my in-laws basement many years ago.  The drop-leaf lid was disassembled, and hardware was missing.  My hubby ordered new hardware, repaired it, and  antiqued it a wood tone, which it remained for several years until it was given its new color  when the bedroom was redecorated.  It holds my stationery, greeting cards and gift wrap supplies.  The teapot on the bed tray is a recent purchase from Marshalls.
Below is a close-up photo of a sampler that hangs over our bed.   Our daughter lovingly stitched it for our 25th Wedding Anniversary.
And below is a Precious Moments counted cross stitch she did for our 20th Anniversary.
I love the color blue, and find it so calming and restful.   The Jasperware tea set won't reside in the bedroom permanently, but it provided the right color palette for photographing to share with you.
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  1. Wow, what a find! I'm so glad nobody else had noticed it before you got in. I'm with you on the color blue, it's my favorite color, and it is my color of choice for my bedroom accessories.

  2. Phyllis, Your Jasperware is spectacular! I love the cross stitch/embroidery your daughter made for you too. How special it is to receive a handmade gift! You raised a thoughtful young lady.

  3. Oh, Phyllis, your blue Jasperware is exquisite! I worked for a year in a jewelery store before our babies started coming along and I loved selling Wedgwood. I never got myself any but I did get my mother some. Never did see a tea set though. Yours is really lovely and I'm so happy you found it. I know you will enjoy it. The cross stitch from your daughter is lovely and wonderful reminders of the precious moments in your life.
    Thanks so much for coming to tea today and have a beautiful day.


  4. Hi Phyllis,
    I love blue Jasperware although I do not own one single item. But the look is gorgeous. Your items are very pretty. How nice to own a whole set. And your dresser accessoires are beautiful, too. Thank your for sharing.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  5. Hi Phyllis, it's a beautiful set and would sure present well for a special tea. I love the colours and decor items in your master bedroom, it looks cozy in there.

  6. You got a great deal Phyllis! How wonderful! I love jasperware, and have quite a bit. It's in the class of "antiques no one loves" at the moment, but I think it is gorgeous!!! Thanks for linking your treasures with Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  7. Hi Phyllis,
    What a wonderful find with your Jasperware! How beautiful it will be to use all of your Jasperware for a tea. Your bedroom is so lovely and relaxing looking. Love your sampler your daughter made you, how special! Thank you for sharing today.

  8. Your waiting was rewarded with a lovely set of Wedgwood. It is perfect with the lovely colors in your bedroom. The Jasperware in blue and white is very pretty and I also enjoy the other colors made by Wedgwood. I also have toured the Wedgwood Factory and enjoyed eating in their restaurant Two of my favorites were Royal Worcester and their Museum plus Spode and their Blue Room. Royal Crown Derby is owned by the workers and is still in production and their factory was so informative when we toured. My husband and I would love to go back. Thanks for sharing your tremendous treasure.

    Thanks, Pam

  9. Wasn't that a lucky find that was at the estate sale??!! What a deal you got on the pretty Jasperware set. It looks so perfect.

  10. How fun to visit the master suite.

  11. I cannot *believe* the deal you got on the Jasperware! Oh. My. Stars! Clearly, you were meant to have it.


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