Friday, October 26, 2012

Victorian Tea Parlor in Berkley, MI

Another place I visited  while I was in Berkley recently was Victorian Tea Parlor.  It is located less than a mile from KrisTea's.   I didn't have tea there [since I already had tea and a scone at KrisTea's], but I did look at all the gifts, antiques, and tea accessories inside the tea room/gift shop.

I introduced myself to Lillian, the owner, and she granted permission to take photographs.  There were three guests having tea,  so I was selective about where I photographed. 
Lillian told me her Berkley location has been open for seven years.   She offers 62 tea varieties from Harney & Sons, Davidson's and her own blends.
It's a small building and every inch is packed with merchandise, displays and tea tables.  I didn't ask the seating capacity, but I'm guessing 15-16.  
I saw lots of lovely dishware [vintage and new], but I didn't make any purchases this visit.
Below is a room beyond the dining area that is set up for children's tea parties, although it can be used for other events as well.
My girlfriend and I visited Victorian Parlor's first location in Grosse Pointe Park, MI in December 2003.  It too is a small, crowded building, brimming with tea wares and gifts, but it's been there for 13 1/2 years so the clientele obviously enjoys and supports it.   The bright yellow color scheme in both tea rooms, with shabby chic fixtures and decor, make it easy to tell the they belong to the same owner. 
Below are photos from my December 2003 visit.   Our table was right by the front door.
It must have been a cold December day since we didn't want to part with our coats!  ;-)
But we finally did!
The building doesn't have a commercial kitchen so desserts are ordered in and kept in a refrigerated display case.
Isn't it fun to see tea room varieties and variations?


  1. what a charming place and so much to see, looks like great fun.

  2. Love, love the bright yellow walls. It makes it a happy place. Oh my, but she has a lot in the shop. It would take forever to just stand and see each and everything. I would love it.

  3. What a charming tea parlor and gift shop! I don't know what it is, but tea always tastes better when I am out. I invite you to drop by for a visit.

  4. Last summer my daughter and I visited her girlfriend that lives downstate and we stopped in the same tearoom! We had eaten at another one nearby but had fun looking around! Thank you for sharing!


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