Friday, October 5, 2012

First Teapot, Last Teapot, and a Few In-between

I thought it would be fun to close this teapot series showing the first teapot that started my collection, the very last teapot I acquired, and a few teapots in-between.  
I received my  first teapot long before I was a tea enthusiast.  It was a bridal shower present, and I hung onto it throughout the years for sentimental reasons.  It was made by Ellgreave Pottery, in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, England.  Research revealed very little about this company except that it later became a division of Wood & Sons.

The following Pansy teapots and sugar and creamer  are the same pattern, but produced by three different manufacturers.  There is no specific pattern name printed on any of the pieces, so maybe that's why  the pattern can be used by multiple potteries???  
The large teapot is backstamped Arthur Wood & Son established 1884 Straffordshire, England.   The smaller 1 c. teapot is backstamped Crown Dorset - a company established in Staffordshire, England in 1970.   The sugar and creamer is backstamped Golden Crown and I couldn't find any Internet info regarding that company.

The pansy teacup below is made by Duchess in England, and the plate is backstamped Royal Vale, England - two more manufacturers to add to the mix!  ;-)

The Music Notes tea set  is used at most of my daughter's annual birthday tea parties since they usually have a music theme.  It is manufactured by Fielder Keepsakes in Hayden Lake, Idaho. 
When I was still working as a church secretary, one of the staff pastors went on a missions trip to Africa, and brought back the tea set pictured below as a gift.   It would be fun to use it in an Out of Africa theme tea sometime.   The markings are Xolani, South Africa.
My most recent teapot acquisition was just this week [Tuesday], thanks to my blogging friends who have piqued my interest in transferware!   My favorite antique store is a few blocks from the beauty shop where I go, so I always stop in and seldom do I leave empty handed. I got the teapot pictured below for $25 [no extra charge for the dried up teabag inside! ;-)] and it's listed on E-bay for $99.95, so I'm quite pleased!

The backstamp on the teapot says Alfred Meakin - Straffordshire, England [Tonquin]. Alfred Meakin's company was set up in 1875. From 1897 thru 1913 it was known as Alfred Meakin Ltd.   Alfred Meakin died in 1904 and was succeeded by his son, Alfred James, who died only four years later. In 1908 Robert Johnson bought the company for his son, Stuart Johnson and it stayed in the Johnson family's hands until 1976 when it became Myott-Meakin [1976 - 1991], before becoming part of the Churchill Group in 1991.

I would love to find teacups to go with this teapot.   Maybe someday!

This concludes this particular teapot series.   I'll revisit teapots again at a later date to finish sharing my collection with you.  I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of the teapots and accessories that fill my cabinets.
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Today I'm joining Bernideen's Tea Time blog for "Open House."


  1. These teapots are all beautiful, and I have loved seeing them! I bought a pansy cup and saucer last Feb. in Florida (at a thrift store) that looks very similar to your teapot. Of course I love the music-themed ones, and that African set is really unique. What a neat gift that was! And the pink transferware one was quite a find. Enjoy it and have a great weekend.

  2. What wonderful teapots your have! My favorite has got to be your newest to you, the red transferware. What a great find! I'm afraid to say I feel the same way about needing transferware! Always on the hunt for it now! We had a beautiful warm week but starting today the temps will be falling and may even get snow over the weekend!

  3. Hi Phyllis,
    What a wonderful collection you have. And you must know which is my favourite; the red transferware! It simply makes me swoon! Thank you for your visit and very sweet comment about my blog birthday. It's ladies like yourself that keep me wanting to do my very best and offer something fresh and sweet in every post I put on. It's a pleasure getting to know you. Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  4. Hi Phyllis, You have many lovely teapots. I love the pansy pattern and also the leopard print - quite unique! The red transferware is lovely too. Have a wonderful wknd!

  5. It's nice to see the first and latest, and the journey in between.

  6. How fun! I love the shapes, especially, of the first and last teapots. And I enjoy knowing the memories behind all of them, from the musical ones to the "Out of Africa" set--all are so meaningful, and I know that must add to your enjoyment of your teawares!

  7. What a collection! I especially love the red china one.


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