Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm a Little Teapot...

My attention can be captured with something  I like much easier than something I have no interest in.   Now you know how much I like teapots - so what better object for a teachable moment than a teapot?    Remember that little preschool song, "I'm a little teapot, short and stout.  Here is my handle, here is my spout..."?  That song has a whole new meaning for me in adulthood.

One day awhile back my doorbell rang and there stood my former pastor holding a shopping bag.  He explained  he and his wife were sorting through their belongings in preparation for a move, and knowing how much I liked tea and tea parties they  wondered if I'd like their silver plate tea set.  As he removed it  from the bag he mentioned it was tarnished and  needed polishing.  I thanked him for thinking of me, and said I'd be happy to become the new owner.  Upon leaving he jokingly said, "When you get it all polished take a picture and send it to my wife."  [Don't you just love male humor!  ;-)]

After he left I looked at the tarnished teapot sitting on the table and realized how symbolic it was of humanity.   It was functional in its current condition, but it wasn't very pretty.  The environment had dulled it and prevented it from manifesting its full potential.  It needed to be polished and restored.

Sometimes life makes me dull and tarnished too, and I need to be restored through Bible reading [my manual/handbook for living] and prayer.   No other "polish" will do.  Without it I'm unacceptable for service.

I did indeed take a before and after photo of the tea set, but it was for my benefit and not the pastor's wife.   The picture  is a simple reminder that my Creator wants to restore my spirit so I can manifest the full potential  He has planned for my life.   I so want to shine for Him!

Wishing everyone a glorious Palm Sunday as we celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.   Hosanna in the highest!   He is worthy of praise and adoration!

Tea time with God.



  1. I have been to Golgotha and to the empty tomb in Jerusalem and I celebrate with you! The tomb is empty just as |He said - He is risen!

  2. What a beautiful and meaningful post, Phyllis! You are a great teacher!

  3. I think of all the loving effort you put into making this shine, along with your self!

  4. Lovely metaphor! Lovely teapot, what a nice and thoughtful gift.


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