Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Brides Addendum

I've been spending my days recently preparing for a class I'll be teaching this Saturday on the subject of "Hospitality."  From now until then, I've adopted the following motto:

I haven't had a lot of time to devote to my blog post today, yet I wanted to stay in touch, so I decided to add some photos to yesterday's post.

In the caption above Samantha's photo of her modeling her wedding gown yesterday, I mentioned they were celebrating their 8th Wedding Anniversary.  Below is a photo of the happy couple, along with my husband and I, taken on their actual wedding day in 2004.  After the honeymoon, Jeremy wisked his bride off to Colorado where he had a middle school teaching position and was a high school football coach.  I'll share one of our Colorado visits tomorrow pertaining to tea.  Thankfully, they're back living in Michigan again!


In yesterday's post was a photo of my granddaughter modeling my mother's wedding gown.  This is my dad and mother on their Wedding Day in 1939.


My mom's veil disintegrated long ago, but the slipper satin gown has remained beautiful for almost 73 years.

Here my mom is standing next to her wedding gown at their 70th Wedding Anniversary celebration in 2009. She and my dad had almost 72 wonderful years together before he passed away ten months ago.


  1. Your mom's dress reminds me alot of my mother's dress. We use to play dress up in it, so it didn't last.

  2. Thanks for sharing those lovely stories and photos.

  3. What a wonderful photo of your mother with her wedding dress!

  4. Beautiful! Love the 'then and now' photos of your parents. Your mother looks very happy.

  5. LOVE the photo of your mother with the wedding gown! They both appear to be in terrific shape! ;)


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