Thursday, March 1, 2012

Georgian Tier Table & Silver Tea Accoutrements

About ten years ago I walked into an antique store and saw a mahogany, Georgian Style Three Tier Table.  It was calling my name and I had to respond!   It has graced my living room ever since.  I don't think it's 100 years old, so it's not a genuine antique, but I'm pleased with my "vintage" table anyway.

It fits the description of the free-standing, multi-shelved, dumbwaiter tables that Thomas Jefferson used at his Monticello home. 

Some tiered tables have revolving shelves, but the three on my table are stationary.  Over the years I have displayed various tea-time equipage on them.

It is said three of anything constitutes a "collection," qualifying my six toast racks as a collection.  Three are from England, and three are newer reproductions.  All are silver plate so they're not high in value - except to me!


The silver plated sugar scuttle and scoop on the second shelf  [front, right] is a reproduction.   I bought it at Bruce & Shelley Richardson's Elmwood Inn shortly before it closed.

The miniature silver plated teapot and tray [front, left] is from the Sentimental Rose Tea Garden in Frazeysburg, OH [Longaberger Homestead] and I'm told it has closed now too.

The silver plated tea canister with a blue glass liner was on the clearance table at an antique mall.  A good polishing was all it needed!

The silver plated teapot [back, left] was a Mother's Day gift from my son and daughter-in-law a few years ago.  It came from  Notting Hall Teas and is still on their website if any of you should want to put it on your Mother's Day "wish list" this year!   Here's a close-up photo from their website.

It requires polishing, but it's so worth it!

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  1. Oh, I love your table and collections, too! The toast racks look great displayed together, and all that silver ... so pretty!


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