Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Colorado Destinations Continued...

In 2004 my husband and I flew to Denver, then  drove 112 miles south to Pueblo, Colorado, where  our youngest son's teaching job had taken him.   I've already written about our wonderful Brown Palace experience, but I wanted to share a few more highlights from the trip.

Jeremy took a day off from work to take us on a little sight seeing tour of the beautiful state.

The picture below is entering Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs - a registered National Landmark.

The rock formations are incredible -  a real balancing act!  

Mom & Dad with Jeremy

We went to Glen Eyrie Castle [north of Garden of the Gods] - a 67-room English Tudor-style castle, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.    Inside the castle is a tea room where we had hoped to have Afternoon Tea.    Upon arriving, however, signs were posted outside that the tea room was closed.   Wild animals had been sited nearby [mountain lions if I remember correctly] and visitors were advised not to get out of their cars!   Yikes!

My granddaughter, Tiffany, went to Colorado to visit her girlfriend in June 2011 and fortunately  no wild animals  interfered with her tea plans.  She sent me a text saying she was inside Glen Eyrie Castle having Afternoon Tea.   I had tea at the beautiful castle vicariously through her.

I'm  happy Tiff enjoys tea-time.   

Tea with friends makes wonderful memories!


  1. Who would have thought mountain lions could interfer with taking tea!?

  2. The castle is about a mile or so from my store in Old Colorado City.
    It was the private home of General Palmer who founded our city. I do a Queen Palmer (his wife) Tea Blend which is fun!

  3. I will have to remember there is a tearoom at the Castle. What a nice trip.

  4. Now tea at a castle sounds absolutely fabulous, but like you, I'm thinking the mountain lions would NOT have been welcome guests. (My goodness!!!)


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