Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tea Whimsy

I like elegant tea things, but I also enjoy whimsical ones too, and both are found in my home.  Today's post is all about tea whimsy.  This is the rug that greets you as you enter the front door!

In the Kitchen:   Matching cookie jar and teapot - although I didn't purchase them at the same time or at the same place.  The cookie jar came from an antique store in Myrtle Beach, S.C. and the teapot came from an antique store right close to home.

Tea and/or Cookie Tins

Tea trays and a teapot cutting board.  My granddaughter, who was five at the time, spotted one of the tea trays while we were shopping before I noticed it. 

  Do you find that tea-themed items just seem to jump out at you at the store?  ;-)

This hanging teapot arrangement was designed to hold votive candles in the cups, but that's not feasible where I put it.

In the Dining Area:   Teapot Chair Cushions

  I found these teapot tassels  for my china cabinet doors in a mail order catalog.

In the Family Room:  This teapot phone is functional, but we don't use it.  I couldn't resist the novelty.

 A teapot / teacup lamp Christmas present one year.


In the Utility Room:  Hooks for hubby's jackets.

The Guest Bedroom:   This rug is beside the bed so my guests will have sweet dreams about tea while they're visiting!  ;-)

Thanks for viewing my whimsical tea things!

Today I'm linking to Bernideen's Tea Time Blog for "Friends Sharing Tea!"


  1. Fun tea decorations! I love all the tea whimsical items.

  2. Love you tea whimsy! I could definitely use those trays. How fun to be greeted at the door with the tea pot rug. Love that you found the cookie jar and teapot in two different places, isn't that fun about the search?

  3. I love the chair cushions!! All together they seem to say "Come and share a cup with me!"

  4. My goodness, all these glorious tea goodies I've never seen before! A phone! Tassels! Rugs! Clearly, I have not been shopping enough ... !!!


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