Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Tea Truck for Hubby

One step inside our front door immediately lets guests know that I have a passion for tea.  My hubby's a good sport about my tea décor, and in a way he aids and abets my passion with his excellent woodworking craftmanship.  I have to brag on him a bit here...  He built one entire wall of bookcases and a curio cabinet [to display my teapots] in our family room.  The cabinets wrap around onto a second wall extending almost up to the fireplace.    [He also built the fireplace mantle and enclosure which was pictured in yesterday's post.] 

One day he jokingly said, "There's not a manly room in the house!"  He's not a hunter or fisherman so there's no animal heads or mounted fish to compete with, and he's never talked about building himself a "man cave" in the basement [except for his woodshop].  But one day while I was shopping at Cost Plus/World Market, I spotted something that I thought might fit the bill for something manly.  I bought it and brought it home to him.   If nothing else, I knew it would give him a chuckle!

  It sits on top of the computer hutch in our office.

Inside the compartment was six boxes of Twinings English Breakfast Tea [which he happens to like], so it turned out to be a good purchase!

Now I need to order a book on the history of Twinings.   I so regret that I didn't visit Twinings on either of my two visits to London.  Does that mean I need to return someday???


  1. What a cute little truck and a handy place to tea bags. Sigh -- I didn't visit Twinnings on my trip to London either!

  2. Oh yes... you must return to London to visit Twinings! Love your husbands handiwork!

  3. Nancy and I visited Twinings while we were in London, and I am so glad I did. I purchased a Twinings truck there, but kept it for me. :-)

  4. What a talented husband! That's a keeper! Lovely cabinets. The truck is perfect for both of you! I usually do visit Twinings every London visit, but usually come home with tea! have to go back! Ahhhh....what a shame!

  5. Wow, your husband's woodwork is amazing--and so useful! I'd say he certainly earned that wonderful Twinings tea truck!

  6. That's cute! Have a good weekend, Phyllis!


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