Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vintage Folding Stands

The first time I saw a wooden three-tiered folding stand was at Magnolia & Ivy [tea rooms in Georgia and Florida].  Owners Kay and Terri said their's were close-outs at Bombay, and they were searching  sources to reproduce them.  They stood them next to tables to hold filled teapots to free up space on the tabletop. 

When my husband and I traveled to Elmwood Inn before it closed, I saw the stands used there too.  I was told theirs were vintage and not reproductions.  My interest was piqued and I began researching them.  I found they go by an assortment of names...  curate's stand, Butler's stand, muffin stand, pie stand, and cake stand.   The repros are called plant stands.

I knew I wanted one and kept an eye  out for them in antique stores, and I found one!  They're perfect for displaying teapots.

A friend showed me a different style - a squattier, rectangle shaped stand with only two shelves, but it folds-up like the three-tiered stands.

Imagine my delight one Saturday afternoon in 2007 as I was wandering through an outdoor antique show, and spotted one!  The seller said he found it on a buying trip to England a couple of months earlier, and said it was called  a "pastry stand."   These seem to be a little bit harder to find than the three-tiered stands.

 I am happy to have found both of mine.


  1. These are certainly fun! Always good to have additional display space.

  2. I have heard them called a curate's assistant or a curate stand. Whatever they are, they look beautiful at your fireplace!

  3. Funny! Someone once gave me one, but I was so afraid to put breakable things on it because of the tilting. I think it is sitting down in my basement somewhere. Yours are very pretty.

  4. Your stands are gorgeous, and I had never even heard of a pastry stand. How unique! I do believe your muffin stand is the prettiest one I've ever seen. You obviously have a great "eye" for the pieces you collect!

  5. Known as a curate's stand and also sometimes called A Butler's Stand
    mine is similar and I love it!

  6. The elegant look of a time gone by...nice finds.

  7. My wife inherited a three tier tea stand from her Grandmother that has painted shelfs. I also have photos and would like to know how old it is.


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