Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Scripture Cake and More...

We had a wonderful Bible study today - still in the 2nd chapter of Revelation, the Church of Thyatira - four churches completed and three to go.  

We gave the Scripture Cake two thumbs up.  It was very good.  Southern Lady magazine didn't lead me astray.

I served chilled peach tea along with hot Sparrow black tea.

Lori brought a delicious fresh fruit salad in a watermelon bowl.  So perfect for summer.

As you can see, I don't have a navy blue teapot to match my dishes, so I used a blue and white Nordic pattern teapot instead.  After the ladies went home, I went on E-bay to look at navy blue teapots.  Mixed in with the china teapots was a Kate Spade Blue Teapot Locket.  I eyed the photo for a few minutes and decided to buy it.  It's brand new with tags still attached and has a 32 inch gold plated chain.  There are four left if any of you are interested.  The price is $33.95 and shipping is free.

Anne of Green Gables fans who might not know - Season 2 began on July 6 on Netflix.  I was totally unaware of Season 1 [which aired in 2017] and stumbled onto the series accidentally when we were staying with our granddaughters last Saturday night. If you're a purist you won't appreciate the producers taking their liberties to modify what L.M. Montgomery wrote, but the original storyline can still be followed in Season 1 in spite of new adaptations.  Lots of tea drinking going on in the series.


  1. So glad you mentioned Season 2 of Anne With An E has started, I didn't even know!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the Scripture cake, and what a beautiful fruit salad Lori made! I like that necklace, but will try to resist temptation. (not sure if I will succeed)


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