Friday, July 27, 2018

Porch Swings

Do you have a porch swing?  When I was growing up my paternal grandmother had one on her front porch that I always liked and associated with her house.  

When we moved into our house [40 years ago], my parents bought us a porch swing for our housewarming gift. [Remember the days when they had housewarmings?] The swing's still hanging on our porch.  It's been painted a few times, and some boards have been replaced over the years, but it's still holding up.  Since the porch is covered, we leave it hanging year 'round. 

In 1997 a watercolor artist did a painting of our house and mistakenly left the swing off. When he delivered the finished painting, our youngest son noticed immediately the swing was missing and said it wasn't an accurate portrayal of our house without it.  The artist kindly added it.  ;-)

 My hubby took it down a couple of weeks ago to sand it and give it a fresh coat of paint.  

To go with its fresh coat of paint, I ordered a new cushion and pillows from They're on sale right now and there's no shipping charge.  It definitely gave the porch a face lift, and the red cushion matches our red front door.

It's a nice summertime place to rest a bit and enjoy a glass of iced tea while observing the activities of the neighborhood.

Our son and daughter-in-law [Steve and Sharon] also have a porch swing, and so does our granddaughter Tiffany.  Four generations of porch swings in the family!   Below is Steve and Sharon's swing in Washington Township.

Tiffany and John's Porch Swing in Grand Ledge.

Tomorrow is a tea at Cristy Bennett's in East Lansing - "Monet's Garden", so I'll definitely post pictures afterwards.  Have a nice weekend!

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  1. I love a porch swing! I don't have one at this house,but I did when my oldest was born and she loved to swing with me on it. Sweet memories!


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