Thursday, July 12, 2018

LaBelle Antiques and Hobby Lobby

LaBelle Antique Store in St. Clair Shores, MI is my favorite antique store.  They price items low to sell and to keep their inventory moving.   I used to get my hair cut at a beauty shop that was just a couple of blocks away from the store, so I paid them a visit monthly.  Sadly, my new beauty shop is nowhere near LaBelle's so I haven't been there in over a year - much too long!

Yesterday when I was coming home from lunch in Grosse Pointe, I decided on a route that would take me right by LaBelle's.  What fun to look around in the store again.

As I was browsing, I saw 14-pieces of Royal Albert Petit Point china [made in England,  not outsourced to another country], which included the large teapot and five dinner plates. I didn't get them, but they stayed in my thoughts all night.

In 2016 when when Cheryl Nix, owner of Tea by Three Tearoom, had one of her first liquidation sales, my hubby bought me 19 pieces of Petit Point for $38 [7 square luncheon plates, 6 teacups and 6 demitasse cups] for Mother's Day.  You may remember me blogging about it.  I've used them for my Bible study luncheons.

I decided to go on E-bay today to price the large teapot and dinner plates.  The teapot ranged from $79 to $224, and the dinner plates ranged from $11 to $44 each, plus shipping.  The price for the 14-pieces at LaBelle's was just $60, so that cinched it - I went back today and brought it home with me!  Besides the teapot and dinner plates, there is one cake plate, four bread and butter plates, and one teacup and saucer.  Now I need to keep my eyes open for a sugar and creamer.  I like the uniqueness of the square plates.

Do you like to shop at Hobby Lobby?  It's another favorite  store of mine.  Last week I paid them a visit looking for a pedestal to set a floral arrangement on.  Since the pedestal is considered furniture, it was 30% off and I got it for $12.60 [including tax].  It's made of a chalky material like plaster of Paris, and is heavy and sturdy - not lightweight plastic.  That's all I was going to get - the pedestal and nothing more!

But how could I keep from looking when they carry so many beautiful things?  I must confess to being a little bummed when I saw all their fall merchandise on display already.  I'm not even close to thinking about or welcoming fall's arrival.

As you know, I'm drawn to blue and white like a magnet, and when I saw a lovely blue and white tea canister, I couldn't resist.  After all, I had a 40% off coupon in my purse which made it a very affordable $15.89 [with tax].  

These purchases meant some former things had to be removed from the shelves to make room for the new, but I don't mind switching things around occasionally.  As the old proverb says, "Variety is the spice of life"!   


  1. I'm so glad you went back to get the Petit Point pieces. Such a good price and they complement what you already have. I have a hard time resisting blue and white, too, and although I rarely get to Hobby Lobby, I always find more than what I expected to get. It's a fun store!

  2. I love your new tea set! What a great price! I have two cups and saucers of the pattern. Wish we had a Hobby Lobby here!

  3. The tea set is lovely. You bought them at a bargain. Enjoy.


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