Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Anna's House

Anna's House is a retro [1960's] restaurant, that until recently only had locations on the western side of the state.  There are now two on the westside of Detroit [still waiting for one east of Detroit]. With the tea trip behind us, my friend Linda and I finally got a date on the calendar to spend together.  She's always in Florida for her birthday [March], so it was time for a long overdue celebration.

She said I'd love Anna's House, so I drove to her side of town.  She was right - Anna's didn't disappoint.
~ Linda ~

The foyer and restaurant will take you down memory lane.  So many things reminded me of my mother's kitchen including the restaurant's interior colors of turquoise and white.

~ Two foyer pictures ~

Waiting area with numerous retro chairs.  Remember those metal porch chairs?

Look at all the teapots on display!

An assortment of toasters.

Our cute server.  I didn't take pictures of the food, but Linda ordered breakfast and I ordered a burger with olive/mayo dressing and sweet potato fries.  It was good.

Half of the restaurant is booths and the other half is counter/soda fountain.  So fun!

We made a day of it going hither, thither and yon on her side of town.  Say it isn't so!! Carson's Department Store [Carson Pirie Scott & Co.] is closing it's doors after being in business since 1854.  Another department store succumbs!

I didn't make any purchases, but Linda found a pair of shoes.  Things were pretty picked over, and the air-conditioning was off, so it wasn't conducive to shopping.  I felt sorry for the sales clerks who had to work in the heat.

Even though we were belatedly celebrating Linda's birthday she made sure I didn't go home empty handed.  Remember the Lena Liu Butterfly Teapot I blogged about in April [the one I put in a garage sale and moaned about it afterwards]?  Well Linda had one and gave it to me. I promised her this one wouldn't go in a garage sale.  ;-)

She also gave me some herbal tea she brought back from Mexico.

And a Susan Winget teapot rug.

It's been a long time since I've had a rug in front of my sink.  I used to have a braided rug there with matching ones in front of the refrigerator and stove, but once I got rid of my country décor they didn't look right.   Linda told me she purchased the teacup rug at Tuesday Morning, so as soon as I got home I went to the Tuesday Morning store near me and bought their last two.  I did a happy dance all the way home!

It was a fun day!


  1. Hi Phyll, sounds like a fun day. The rugs are so cute. Kim bought me the matching picture about a year ago. I didn’t know there was matching rugs. They look great.

  2. What a fun day you had. I love the butterfly teapot. I had a set one time that had delicate butterflies on the cup handles and teapot lid. For some unknown reason!!!I sold it at a garage sale because I felt it was too delicate. Now I am sorry! Never heard of Anna's House but you are right about Carson's. We had a store here on this side of the state and it closed in April. Hudson's is gone, Carson's is gone and I heard that Macy's at Eastland in Harper Woods is gone.

  3. So glad I started my catch-up blog post reading day here, as you told me something I didn't know, that Carson's is closing (they're on my list for Dainty Dining #2). Love that retro restaurant, and that decor -- awesome! And guess I'll be making a trip to Tuesday Morning soon. I love your new rugs! :)

  4. What a fun day you and Linda had! I love all the retro decor at the restaurant. I'm sorry to hear of another department store closing, though. The teapot Linda gave you is darling, and what a thoughtful thing for her to do. And I love the rug!


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