Saturday, September 30, 2017

Double Birthday Celebration

Our youngest turned 38 years old yesterday, and granddaughter, Isabella [Izzy] turned 12.  Nothing can beat getting a daughter for a birthday present! 

Izzy got to have the day off from school yesterday [she's a good student and can afford to miss a day for a special occasion].  Her mom took her to get her ears pierced and a manicure.

She does Cross Country at Middle School, so after her meet today they came to our house to spend the weekend so we could celebrate their birthdays, and so Jeremy and Samantha could attend their 20th high school class reunion tonight. 

Her parents took these two photos of Izzy at a track meet on September 21st.  She's very athletic like her mom and dad.

Presents before cake - Clothes from Justice, and some "squishies" which is her latest fascination.

~ The birthday duo ~

Ever since Jeremy was little his favorite birthday cake has been Boston Cream Pie. Instead of making two individual Boston Cream Pies,  I made a yellow cake and filled the layers with the cream instead.  

~ Izzy wanted to light the candles on their cake ~

Make a wish...

And blow out the candles!

Happy Birthday, Jeremy and Izzy.  May God bless you in the coming year!


  1. What fun to celebrate two birthdays at once. I'd say sweet Izzy was a wonderful birthday present for Jeremy.


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