Sunday, September 10, 2017

Evie's Baby Dedication

We traveled to Lansing, MI this morning to attend great-granddaughter Evelyn Rose's baby dedication at Mt. Hope Church where her daddy [John] is on staff as a worship pastor.

[John, Tiffany, and Evie]

[With Nana Lori] 

Evie is the fourth generation baby girl in our family to wear the dedication/christening dress.   I was the first, then my daughter, Lori, then Tiffany, and now Evie.

You can tell I'm the great-grandma - look at the difference in Tiffany's dress hemline and mine!  ;-)

~ Evie's Paternal and Maternal Family ~

[John's  Parents - Evie's Paternal Grandparents]

[John's Family - Parents, three sisters, and brother-in-law]

After church we all went out to dinner.  Below is Evie and her Nana.

What a special day!


  1. What a special celebration! Great family photos, too. Evie is adorable, and how wonderful that she was able to wear that 4-generation gown. May she grow in God's grace as she grows in years.

  2. Wonderful pictures of Evie. Baby dedications are a joy. It is a blessing for her to have a great family to love and guide her to the Lord's and His love.

  3. Babies are such a blessing in a family! Evie is also blessed to have all of you to love and care and support her through her life!


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