Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Estate Sale Finds

I don't make it a habit of going to estate sales, but I do get e-mail notifications with pictures of items that will be sold at the sales.  If something looks interesting my hubby and I go as an outing.

When I looked through the list of estate sales last night I found one in a subdivision right near me built 13 years before ours.  The sale started at 10:00 a.m. and we were #20 - part of the first group admitted.

The deceased owner loved country - even the garage had country wallpaper.  It reminded me of our house when we first moved in, because I used to have country decor too. But we've changed decorating styles four times in the 39 years we've lived in the house, so my country furnishings and accessories are long gone.

The lady was a huge collector of plates, and they were displayed throughout her house. Everything was custom - from windows to light fixtures.  Her kitchen window was four panels of leaded glass.  Just beautiful!   I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture!

I didn't go looking for plates, but I couldn't pass up the one pictured below for just $6.  It's by Sandra Kuck and, of course, the teacup on the table caught my eye!  Now to find a place to display it, even if only during the fall months.  As you can see, it's called Indian Summer.

What I went for was to see the Shelley teacups.  There were four of them and my hubby bought me two.  Both were $18 each, which was a good price.  They have no cracks, chips or crazing.  I promise to take good care of the deceased lady's treasures.  If these teacups could talk I wonder what they'd tell me about her and the tea-times she had.

Lastly, I got a Hudson's hat box in pristine condition for $3, so I went home happy!

Have you found any fun 'treasures' lately?


  1. Great purchases.

  2. That is a darling plate, Phyllis! Love your Shelly teacups! Lily of the Valley is my favorite flower. When I was in Madison the grands brought me to a antique mall and I bought two brown transferware teacups and saucers. I had a teapot to match so I was glad to find them!
    Happy autumn to you!

  3. Those Shelley teacups are beautiful, and the plate is darling, too. And what a great find that hatbox is! I have one new teacup and saucer that I'm excited about - well, actually I have 6, I bought a group of 6 for $25, they are all different and all in perfect condition, but the reason I bought them is the gorgeous Belleek teacup and saucer! New ones are $50 on Amazon, older ones are $30-50 on Ebay so I think I got a good buy. :-) There is a Royal Albert one with yellow roses, too, a chintz one, a Royal Doulton that's probably a demitasse cup, and two other flowered ones that are also pretty. Isn't it fun to find treasures?

  4. The tea cups are beautiful. Can't beat Shelley! The plate also is pretty. The hat box will be a great addition to your collection. Glad you enjoyed your outing.

  5. My only recent treasures came from Goodwill (Christmas goodies), but I'm thrilled at your finds! What a score on those teacups ... and that plate is just lovely. That would have caught my eye as well. And of course I'm so pleased the correct collector went home with that Hudson's hat box. ;)


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