Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Life is a Gift

I drove to my old stomping grounds today to have lunch with some high school girlfriends - something I couldn't have done had I left on the tea tour yesterday.  We normally meet at a restaurant, but this month we went to the home of one of the girls who was recently in ICU with a pulmonary embolism.  She's recovering nicely and we're very blessed she's still with us. [She's third from left in the lime green top.]  We had pizza so there wouldn't be any work for her.

A serious illness puts life into perspective very quickly.  Peggy said she thanks the Lord every morning and night that He spared her life.  

Now that she's on a blood thinner she can no longer drink green tea. I immediately researched it when I got home, and discovered green tea contains vitamin K, which can make blood thinners ineffective.  

I also learned green tea and aspirin shouldn't be taken together since aspirin thins the blood. Hmmm... my Dr. told me to take one low dose aspirin a day, so I guess I shouldn't be drinking green tea either, or forego the baby aspirin.  A question I'll definitely be asking at my next check-up.  


  1. I knew heart patients were not to drink green tea, but wasn't sure why. Please let us know what your doctor says about the .81 aspirin combined with green tea.

  2. So glad your friend is doing better. I did not know this about green tea, thanks for sharing it.


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