Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Gracious Seasons

Yesterday I went back to the city where I grew up to meet some high school girlfriends for dinner. They meet once a month, but I don't always make the 35 mile drive south to join them. 

I left a little early yesterday afternoon so I could stop at Gracious Seasons - a lovely home décor boutique.  I purchased the teapot/teacup chandelier for my dining room from them, and always enjoy visiting the store whenever I'm in the area. The merchandise is beautifully displayed in vignettes of various décors - Americana, Victorian, French County, Shabby Chic, and more.  Right now there were  lots of Easter bunnies displayed.  Kathie, the owner, is a tea lover so it's fun seeing numerous tea accessories too.

It just so happened my camera was in my purse, so I asked permission to take some photos to share with you.

Beautiful English-made Chintz tea set!

And what did I purchase this visit?  An adorable patriotic figurine that will be perfect for my display table at the DAR presentation this Friday.

~And a new, but vintage looking tea towel marked 20% off ~

For local readers, the store is located at 13759 Dix-Toledo Rd. in Southgate, MI.  If you're in the area pay them a visit!   Kathie told me they're considering having tea parties at the store. Sure hope that plan comes to fruition!

To conclude today's post, Happy Birthday to blogging sister, Linda J., at Friendship Tea blog. Hope your birthday is tealightful from beginning to end!


  1. Oh, what a lovely place to visit! I'm going to meet some high school friends for lunch this coming Saturday, but I don't think I'll have anywhere nearly this nice to shop along the way! If I'm lucky I might get to Home Goods or Michael's though. Or maybe even Goodwill - all the best places, right? :-)

  2. Oh, I *need* that blue-green chintz tea set! Gorgeous! This does look like a fun store that would have something for everyone. And your little patriotic girl is indeed perfect for your upcoming presentation. She'll also be cute in a Fourth of July tea vignette, should you decide to do one! Pretty new tea towel, too. Reminds me of one I got at Fortnum and Mason last year!

  3. I can see why you like shopping here Phyllis, you picked up a couple of nice things.

  4. Thank you for the birthday greetings! Gracious Seasons is a shop I would enjoy.


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