Wednesday, October 29, 2014

KrisTea's and O'Mara's in Berkley, MI

I've blogged about KrisTea's gift shoppe here [Oct. 2012] and here [Jan. 2014].  KrisTea's sells vintage and new home decor, unique gifts, fine teas [Harney & Sons], and tea accessories.  I've bought several things in the shop over the past few years.  What sets KrisTea's apart from other gift shops is that they serve complimentary tea and scones to their customers in a quaint tea area.

I recently saw on Facebook that Kris made the decision to retire and move to Colorado to be near her son and his family the first of 2015.  A feeling of disappointment came over me because I thought that meant her shop would be closing.

KrisTea's is located very close to O'Mara's Restaurant, and at all of O'Mara's Tuesday Teas Kris provides a 25% off coupon to all the attendees.

With a coupon in my possession, I decided to pay KrisTea's a visit this past Tuesday.  I was relieved to know that even though she's moving, she still plans to keep her shop open.

In my Hudson's presentation are two hats from the department store, because ladies would have worn hats when they went to the Mezzanine Tea Room or one of the 13th floor dining rooms for tea or lunch.  

I found a cute hat stand at KrisTea's that's perfect for displaying the hats, and purchased it.

The turquoise hat still has the original Hudson's price tag of $3.99 attached, and the hat box behind the stand is from Hudson's Woodward Shop [an upscale department in the store].

Yesterday was the final Hudson's presentation at O'Mara's.  They prepared for another large group of ladies [45].  The topic of Hudson's brought in close to 150 ladies for tea over three Tuesdays in October.  In the photo below, Cindy [one of the servers] chats with the first two ladies to arrive.

My girlfriend, Sandy, attended the tea with her friend, Lois.

~Sandy and Me~

I thoroughly enjoyed presenting Hudson's at O'Mara's.  At the conclusion of yesterday's tea the manager of the restaurant extended the opportunity for me to select their monthly tea themes going forward.  So as soon as I finish this post I'll be looking over my resources to come up with something fun for November.  Will keep you posted on what I decide.  


  1. I know you will have lots of ideas for great theme teas at O'Mara's, and they will all be perfect!

  2. I'm glad to know KrisTeas will not be closed! It sounds like such a nice place. Love the hat stand, by the way, as well as your hats from Hudson's. And the management at O'Mara's has made a wise choice, asking for your input on tea themes. We will enjoy reading about them!

  3. A compliment indeed to have O'Mara's invite you back. I hope to make it for tea one of your future presentations as I was unable to attend the J.L. Hudson's.


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