Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Remembering My Mother

Most regular readers will recall my mother passed away on August 17th of this year. Last Saturday, October 11th, would have been her 93rd birthday. She loved dishes and nick-knacks, and had a lot of them. Before moving to her assisted living apartment, she hired a company to have an estate sale to sell most of her things. Only favorite items came to the apartment. I 'inherited' her love for dishes, so when she moved she gave me almost all of her pink Depression glass collection, keeping only a few pieces for herself. Upon her passing, it was my responsibility to clean out her apartment. Since I have many dishes of my own, I only kept a few of her things that I especially wanted as keepsakes. I'm sharing them today in her memory. 

I definitely wanted her teapots and teacups.  I bought her the Department 56 "Piggy" teapot several years ago from the defunct Crowley Milner Department Store.  She always sat on top of my mom's stove for decoration.

~ Love this white Johnson Brothers, English-made Teapot ~

The Victorian lady teapot has a Lipper & Mans sticker on the bottom [Japan]. Originally it was a musical teapot, but the music box no longer works.  She will look pretty sitting on one of the built-in shelves in my living room when the project is completed.  The photos make her look gray, but she's light blue.

[Front view]

[Side view from spout] 

~ Japanese-made Footed Teacups ~

~ English-made, Bone China, Miniature Tea Set ~

~ Pink Depression Glass ~

~ The pink rooster always sat on the dining room table filled with candy. ~

~ Lefton Head Vase ~

~ Porcelain Pansy Ring ~

~ Blue & White Ardco Dallas Porcelain Figurines - Japan ~

~ Musical Figurines - Japan ~

Lastly is a plate that was my paternal grandmother's.  She received it for a wedding present. It too was in the things I brought from my mom's apartment.  I treasure it.


If my mother could have taken these things to Heaven with her, she surely would have.  But since she couldn't, I'll enjoy them, and lovingly care for them. They don't have great monetary value, yet they're priceless family pieces. Do you have china pieces that belonged to your mother and grandmother?  


  1. Aha, your love for collecting comes from your late mother. How nice that you had china and tea things in common and now you have your mother's special treasures as well.

  2. I do have some pieces from both grandmothers and my mother, and I treasure them because of the memories attached. One of my favorites is a china teapot with a music box that plays "Tea for Two" - I remember my Dad's mother playing it for me and I will be showing it to my granddaughter soon! I have a pair of those china figurines like your blue and white ones, only these are green and white. They were my mother's, always sat in her guest room. I don't really have a guest room but I could not bring myself to part with them, so I will find them a spot! Thank you for sharing these special memories with us. Blessings!

  3. I love that you are sharing these beautiful items that once belonged to your mother. (That Victorian lady teapot is amazing!) And I don't have to tell you whom that Lefton head vase reminds me of! :)

  4. What a beautiful collection made even more precious by the patina of love. What treasures of remembrance that you can hold and cherish. Thanks so much for sharing

  5. Sending love and honoring your mother! Love all of these and Piggy is so cute!


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