Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Tea Time Gazette

I was recently gifted with 18 issues of The Tea Time Gazette, a newsletter for English Tea Lovers edited by Linda Ashley Leamer.  The first issue came out in the fall of 1995.  Sadly, it is no longer in publication, and I don't know when the last issue was printed.  The issues I was given are from 1998 thru 2005.  I regret that I didn't subscribe so I'd have a complete set of the newsletters, because they are chock full of great information for tea lovers. Unfortunately there are no listings for the newsletters on E-bay, but I'll keep a watchful eye.

There are articles written by well know tea authorities such as Ellen Easton, Elizabeth Knight, James Norwood Pratt, Bill Waddington, and others, as well as book reviews, recipes by authors, Laura Childs, Penelope Carlevato, and Bruce Richardson, tea places to visit in England and the United States, and history pertaining to tea and so many things associated with it.  I particularly enjoyed the article on tea gowns, pictured below.

I look forward to sitting down with a cup of tea and my newly acquired issues of Tea Time Gazette. Thanks, Linda!


  1. I know how much you will enjoy these over a cup of tea.

  2. I was very sad when it closed...I was an advertiser for years. You may be able to find it as an online publication though still. I think I was advertising as last for my Antiques And Teacups, but it might be Time Was Antiques, I don't remember. I have a whole stack of old issues...

  3. What a nice gift, I'm sure you'll enjoy reading them.

  4. In 1998 I reviewed taking an afternoon tea at Lady Primrose's Thatched Cottage Pantry in Dallas, Texas. Sadly, that tearoom is also long gone. But, I was re-reading my review and wish both the TeaTime Gazette and Lady Primrose's were both still here. I was glad to find your blog! Jane

  5. My mother and I took tea classes from Linda Ashley Leamer before she started her newsletter. I have her class printouts of recipes, brewing tea directions etc. She also sold water filters for kitchen faucets -so your tea would be made with puree water. I don't know where she is or what she is doing now.


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