Thursday, October 16, 2014

An American Girl Fashion Show & Tea

Last week when I was at English Gardens [a local nursery] shopping for mum plants for the tablescapes at O'Mara's restaurant, I noticed a flier at the check-out counter for an American Girl Fashion Show and Tea on October 25th & 26th.   I put the flier in my purse until I was able go online for more details.

I only have one granddaughter at the present time who is into American Girl dolls, and that's nine year old, Isabella.  She was so happy to get the 2014 American Girl Doll, Isabelle, this summer.

The fashion show and tea will be held at the historic Dearborn Inn in Dearborn, MI.  The hotel was one of Henry Ford's accomplishments in 1931 so visitors flying into his airport would have a place to stay.  Today it's managed by Marriott International, but it's still owned by Ford Motor Land Development Corp.

I called my daughter-in-law to see if the date was open on their calendar, and she said it was. I ordered three tickets, and they arrived in yesterday's mail.

I'm looking forward to going, and will be sure to take photos so I can blog about it afterwards.

I entered the drawing for an overnight stay at Dearborn Inn.  Other things are also included in the drawing which takes place today.  


  1. Oh, what fun! To start with, how wonderful that there is an AG doll with a name so similar to Isabella's! And to think of the three of you enjoying this special tea and fashion show is such fun, I will look forward to the pictures. My youngest had an AG doll, which is packed in my basement, but I hope she will find it next month when she's home, and give it to her niece. I have one ($5 at a yard sale!) myself, that Eva plays with at my house. One of these days we'll be doing teas like this. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Oh, I would have been right there in line with you for my niece. ;=)

  3. Can't wait to see the pictures. Lucky little lady, Isabella!
    Best, Ruthie


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