Friday, October 17, 2014

Sharing Hudson's Department Store at Milford Public Library

Last night my hubby and I drove 43 miles to the City of Milford, MI, where I was asked to give a J.L. Hudson Department Store presentation sponsored by the Milford Public Library and the Milford Historical Society.  40 adults registered to attend.

The Milford Library is a beautiful new facility.

~ Promotional flier for event ~  

The program was held in the library Community Room.

Two ladies [pictured below] came wearing hats purchased at Hudson's, and carrying the store's hat boxes with the sales receipts inside.  I loved it!

The program was from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m., and what a responsive group!

As always, I learned something new from attendees, such as Hudson's dining room tables had purse hooks on the underside corners for ladies to hang their purse on rather than setting it on the floor. 

One sweet lady gave me a Hudson's ice cream menu from the last meal served at the 13th floor Riverview Dining Room [1983].  Vernor's floats were $1.00, Sundaes were $1.65, and Banana Splits were $2.25.  She remembered the waitress crying about the store closing.  

What a fun evening listening to memories of Hudson's at the conclusion of the program. One gentleman came up and showed me his gold wedding band that was purchased at Hudson's, and said he'll soon be celebrating his 69th Wedding Anniversary! Another lady brought childhood photographs of her son taken in a Hudson's dining room when he belonged to the Birthday Club.   

Kathleen Maraccio, recent Gone With the Wind presenter at the Warren Public Library [which I blogged about here], was in attendance and shared her Hudson's memories and connections.

Thank you Milford Library and Historical Society for allowing me to share a subject that is near and dear to so many Detroiter's and suburbanites.


  1. Sounds like you had a great evening. So glad the presentation went well.

  2. Sounds like you all learned from each other! I'm sure the group enjoyed your presentation on Hudson's, and how wonderful that some of the attendees brought "show and tell" also.

  3. I love an evening when you not only present but the audience shares their memories. I am amazed at the ladies with their hats, boxes and receipts!


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