Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shopping at KrisTea's

KrisTea's is a cute tea and gift shoppe down the street from O'Mara's Restaurant in Berkley, MI. Afternoon Tea attendees are given a 25% discount coupon for KrisTea's, so many times when we leave O'Mara's we head straight to KrisTea's.  I seldom leave empty-handed.

I made two purchases on Tuesday.  The first thing that caught my attention was a teapot rhinestone brooch.  It came in three different styles, and the saleslady said they've been big sellers.  The price tag was $21.50 but with 25% off it was $16.13 plus tax.

Just before we were leaving the store I spotted a unique tea tin, and since I have a collection of them I decided to get it.  The saleslady said she found it in northern Michigan.   Have you ever seen a tin with a clasp like this?

Most have pull-off lids like this one in my collection.

There were lots of things I saw and liked, but only the brooch and tea tin came home with me.   Who knows what February's visit will produce.


  1. Love the pin!!! It is perfect for you, and how nice to have a discount coupon to use at this darling shop. The tea tin is also lovely, and no, I have not seen another one with a clasp like that. Great choices!

  2. Wow, love the teapot pin. I've never seen a tea tin with a clasp either, rather unique.

  3. What fun tea finds! I can "see" you wearing that pretty sparkly brooch.

  4. Nice new tea tin, I like the clasp.

  5. Nice place! Getting the coupon really is a bonus! Your new tea pin is lovely and sparkly. Beautiful tin too. I haven't seen the one that closes like yours. Maybe it was used to hold something else?

  6. I adore the brooch, Phyllis! Great find.

  7. Great finds! I've never heard of a tea room and gift shop partnering like that, but wow, what a terrific idea for all involved!


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